About Me


Hi, I’m Theresa. I’m a ‘stay-at-home’ wife, mom, intercessor, discipler of women, and an avid student and follower of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Though I gave my life to the Lord at age seven, the complexities of secular life and an unhealthy attraction to the dark side of the supernatural led me to experience a great deal of New Age and occult cultures before being miraculously brought back to Jesus. I was baptized in water on July 4, 2004 but still suffered from physical and emotional torment. Then, after diligently seeking what I felt was a loosing battle to KNOW the Lord, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit on March 1, 2008, and by May of ’08 found myself free. Indeed, I was truly born again!

Since my initial encounter with Jesus, I have experienced a juxtaposition of trials and miracles: experiences that have led me to re-evaluate and refine my personal theologies, and experiences that have affirmed my beliefs, and revealed the supernatural and amazing God I serve. Life can be hard, and it can be fun; and ideally, it is joyful even when it is difficult. My blog is roughly an account of my personal experiences, thoughts, reflections of the past, and examinations of the scriptures and theologies that have been meaningful to me. I find that the more I learn about God and the supernatural, the more questions I have, so I hope you will join me in my spiritual journey by sharing your own stories and comments alongside my own.

I have also been partnering with several Christian publishing companies to receive free books and resources in exchange for honest reviews. I post these reviews fairly often on my site and sometimes I also review the other books I’m reading on my own.

I have a BA in English (with a Linguistics emphasis–I especially love phonetics), a minor in Theatre, and a teaching certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). I dropped out of an MA program to follow God’s call on my life, learning more from the Holy Spirit than I ever did in my former years of college. But now, after a few years of academic hiatus, I have begun the process of earning my MA in Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies through the King’s University and Seminary in Van Nuys, CA–an additional adventure in my pursuit of life-long learning. Besides studying and worshiping God, I also enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, cooking vegan food, dancing, road-trips, painting, cleanliness, learning about cultures and languages and many other things!