Review of Rules of Engagement by Derek Prince (Updated and Expanded Edition)


Genre: Spiritual Warfare/Spiritual Growth

Highly Recommended!

Firstly, Derek Prince is just excellent! I have been hearing for some time that I need to familiarize myself with his resources and I am so glad I finally did. I wish he was still around (he passed in 2003), but am amazed at how large and thriving his ministry still is!

Rules of Engagement centers on building the character of a warrior, embracing the Holy Spirit, and understanding the basics of the supernatural realm so that we can be successful in spiritual warfare. Each chapter is short, thought provoking, and set up perfectly for a personal devotion or group discussion with post chapter questions, a memory verse, and a prayer. This is not the kind of book that can be rushed through, but one that should be studied and considered one subject at a time. I’ve gleaned so much from it, specifically regarding spiritual authority and endurance, though he touches on so many topics with excellence.

Also, whereas some spiritual warfare resources focus almost exclusively on parts of the battle (deliverance ministry, or casting out demons, or specific battles with health, finances, or so on), Rules of Engagement focuses on preparing for and understanding our role in the battle, which is why I think it is so valuable. I think every Christian could benefit from this compilation of Prince’s insight.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Chosen.


Review of Sneak by Evan Angler


Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure/Apocalyptic

Series: Book Two of the Swipe Series


This is the second book in the Swipe Series, which is loosely based on a “mark of the beast” end time scenario set just a few generations into the future. Logan Langly has escaped getting the Mark and is on the run–searching for the prison where his sister is being held after disappearing five years earlier. The world Angler presents is both futuristic and believable, which captivated me from the beginning and held my attention through the end.

There is very little direct mention of Christianity and Christian themes, but the story line encourages readers to consider related issues like the price of freedom and the importance of teamwork and unity when fighting for a cause. The fictitious events also creatively parallel the real events of Christian eschatology: the formation of the one world government, the facade of world peace, and, of course, the mark of the beast.

Angler’s writing is beautifully simple yet suspenseful, action-oriented, and deeply thought provoking–all while staying within the age-appropriate boundaries of juvenile fiction. I especially appreciate that it touches on such important and serious themes without the use of profane or disturbing imagery. I haven’t had the chance to read the first book in the series (and probably won’t since this one stood so well on its own), but I’ll be looking forward to the future Swipe Series additions and more from Evan Angler.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Thomas Nelson.


Review of Love in Disguise by Carol Cox


Genre: Historical Fiction


Love in Disguise is an excellent book for a lazy day of reading. It’s lighthearted with elements of mystery and romance, and is set in the charming time period of the late 1800s in a small Arizona mining community.

Unlikely heroine, Ellie Moore, becomes desperate after unexpectedly losing her job and pretends to be an older wealthier woman in order to be hired as a private detective. Although she has no undercover experience and little confidence, she creatively uses her skills in order to impress her new employer and solve the mystery of the silver thieves. But while working to undercover the mystery at hand, she also uncovers many facets of her own identity and learns to embrace her God-given identity.

This is a sweet book, with fun characters, a good amount of mystery, creative plot twists, and just enough depth. Readers who enjoy Christian fiction will find it delightful and refreshing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House.