God Healed My Cavity!


I’ve experienced so many miracles and don’t think I’ve recorded a single one, so here’s a personal one:  The last time I went to the dentist I had a cavity that needed filling straight away, but I didn’t like the dentist and couldn’t quite afford the dentist’s steep rate (they had used my insurance money on x-rays and told me I would have to pay out-of-pocket); then I got pregnant and didn’t want anything in my mouth.  And anyway, I never got the thing filled.  As soon as I realized it might take awhile to find another dentist I prayed that the Lord would fill my cavity or else take it away completely, and had so much peace in praying that I forgot about it for several months.

How ever many months later, when I was flossing my teeth in front of a mirror, I noticed that I had a new filled-cavity in–I was pretty sure–the same place I had had the unfilled cavity at my last appointment.  I only have two other fillings, so this new one really stood out.  I was very excited because I knew the Lord had healed my tooth!

Today I went to a new dentist where my miracle was confirmed!!  I have no unfilled cavities, old or new!  And the one I did have was completely taken care of!!  I do not know why the Lord chooses to heal some things and not others, but I am so excited to testify that once again He has chosen to demonstrate a healing in me!  Praise Jesus!


293 thoughts on “God Healed My Cavity!

  1. Joel

    So did you really get it confirmed by a dentist? What did they say? I’m such a skeptic about miracles, no experience with them I guess.

    • Louise

      I’m so encouraged by your testimony! I’m going for a healing mass tmw and I’m preparing myself with readings related to teeth and gums healing. My periodontis has cost me a molar and one more is expected to go. There is a lot of bone loss though I’m only 35! Dentist said my x-rays look like one of a 65yo! 🙁 I’m depending on Jesus now to strengthen the ligaments and build up e bone loss which is impossible without an expensive bone graft! Pls pray for me that my condition can be reversed if it be HIS will. Thank u so much Theresa. God bless u. – Louise from Singapore 🙂

      • I am praying for you, Louise! Jesus, please heal Louise, strengthen the ligaments and bones, and bring a full reversal of all that has been lost. I pray in agreement with your prayer, Lord, that all would be done on earth as is in heaven. Jesus, we know that sickness and disease are not allowed in heaven, and so we call your healing down to earth in your Name–may it be so in Louise’s body and mouth! Thank you Father for your healing gifts and for the blessing of your presence among us, especially in this season of celebrating the incarnation of your Son! Amen. 🙂

        • Brooke

          Please pray for a dental healing miracul i don’t know who else to ask … for me as well I suffer from teeth decay on 5 of my teeth & restore the teeth I have lost it’s getting hard for me to chew I don’t smile as much anymore because I’m ashamed and embarreset of my teeth it put me to depression I don’t like going to the dentist because I’m scared what they might think of my teeth 🙁 I’m pregnant I’m fearing that I’m going to lose all my teeth soon cause I’m so young I can’t eat with out worrieing about my teeth getting worst but I have to because I have to feed my baby that I have inside my stomach… Please pray for me .. I know nothing impossible for god

          • Catina

            I always believed that God is truly a healer but I had doubts that He would heal/restore my smile because I had never read in the bible of Jesus healing anyone with my problem. But now after reading your testimony, I’m totally convinced that He will. Your testimony was sooooo encouraging for me because I felt no one understands my pain. I have had teeth problems for years. I had a front tooth knocked out when I was 12 playing in the park and had to get a partial (not cute for a 12 year old) Every since, I have had problems. Because I didn’t really have the monies to visit the dentist regularly, I have lost several teeth and have cavities. This really has impacted my personal and professional life. I’m soo embarrassed to smile or talk to people because I’m soo ashamed of my teeth (rather a lack there of). Please stand in agreement with me. I’m believing God for total restoration of a brand new perfect white strong healthy set of teeth.
            Thank you sooo much Theresa for sharing your miracle because it truly has helped to built my faith the more.

        • Alicia Poth

          Theresa, if you see this, could you please pray with me ? I had chipped two front teeth when I was a kid, had the root canaled and crowned. I’m now 31 and had to have a re root canal on one of them and the one next to it too ,because apparently it had spread. So I just had two root canals and two crowns these are front thee to. 8&9 I believe. I’ve been on several antibiotics,still having pain. I have no money to get anything else done right now. Please please agree with me and aso God to please heal me, I’m sick on dealing with self confidence issues and want to be done with this issue. I believe I have gone loss around then two teeth as well, agree g will restore in Jesus name. I will pray and fast tomorrow on it 5/5/16.
          Thanks so very much for your time 💜

          • Alicia, my heart goes out to you. I am praying for your complete healing in Jesus’ name, and for inner healing–that He would pour out His love on you, so that you feel secure and confident in Him and with your body. Holy Spirit, come upon Alicia with the fullness of your healing and blessing!

  2. It was confirmed that I have no un-filled cavities, and the new dentist has the x-ray showing that one of them was not filled at my last appointment at the other office. What happened between the old appointment and the new appointment, of course, can’t be proven. I’m not sure my new dentist gave it much thought and I didn’t press the issue.

    • Shevonne

      Please pray for a miracle for my son I was told he needs to have 2 root canals. Please pray for his teeth to be healed. Please I am so depressed over this. Please God we need a miracle before tomorrow’s appointment

      • Jesus, please do an immediate healing work in this boy’s mouth! Give peace to him and his mom. Reverse every symptom and bring a complete healing that surprises the dentist and hygienists. I pray that the root canals would no longer be necessary, and that your healing glory would be evident in this experience, Lord. Thank you, Jesus; amen!

  3. crystal

    Amazing I’m currently suffering with pain due to a tooth infection I’m seeing a dentist but I have faith that my lord will heal me:)

  4. JLS

    Please pray the same 4 me! I have prayed God would forgive me for not being a good stewart of my temple and heal me in this area, bt it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been praying for years. To have someone agree in prayer w/me on this would be so awesome…! He is sure to get ALL the glory for this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    • Lidwin

      I pray for God’s healing touch on your teeth. Our God is an awesome God and with Him there is nothing impossible. Trust in him.

  5. Raquel

    This is so true. My mother had a mouth full of cavities. She prayed, and right after opened her mouth…. They were all filled. Awesome, Isn’t He!

  6. veronica

    I have also experienced his healing touch on a tooth.Nothing is impossible with Him

  7. Deborah Gilbert

    I suffer from severe tooth decay for a few years now. They say its not genetic, but my mother has bad teeth too, and many teeth was extracted. I’ve had 1 tooth extracted already and more teeth have decayed. I have no idea why, but the pain is unbearable. As a child of God I’ve seen God heal many people and had faith to believe He’ll heal them. Now I trust God to restore my teeth completely. For all decay to disappear, no cracks, chips and decay and to replace the missing tooth. After all, He created us and has the spare parts. Nothing impossible with God. Please keep me in prayer.

  8. Arlene

    I have been praying and have had tons of others pray with me to heal my broken teeth.
    I have one that I believe the roots might be infected.
    It is starting to cause me pain.
    It is NOT wise to walk around with infected tooth as it can cause very bad problems in the body.
    I DREAD and FEAR THIS…..THAT is why I started praying for healing.
    Please, could you all pray for me?
    I can’t wait much longer on this.
    I am feeling very disappointed in God, especially when I see he has healed others and not ME.

  9. Hi Arlene, thanks for your comment. As of today I have personally experienced twelve supernatural healing miracles to my own body (the healed cavity being only one), and have seen many others healed as well. BUT, I also have Type One Diabetes, which the Lord has not chosen to heal (yet), and which is more difficult to deal with than some of the other illnesses I have been healed from. Certainly the Lord desires for us to be healthy and whole, but His timing is not always our timing, and His ways are sometimes a mystery to our limited perspective.

    Lord Jesus, I pray for Arlene that you would take away her fear and discouragement in Your name. I pray for Your Holy Spirit to bring her wisdom about whether or not to go to the dentist, to help her to trust You, and to bring her peace in her decision. I pray, Lord, that if she is to go to a dentist that You would bring forth a great testimony through her, and that Your presence in her would be a noticeable witness upon her. I pray You would help Arlene to connect with You powerfully and intimately, and to be refined through this process. Give her strength Lord. Make Your love tangible to her. May she be filled to overflowing with Your Spirit. And Jesus, please heal Arlene’s teeth in the way only the Creator can know how. Take away her pain–her internal pain, and her physical pain–and do a mighty work through and in her. In the name of Messiah Yeshua our deliverer, Amen.

    Arlene, we will continue to pray for you. May you be blessed!

    • Mel

      Hello, I read your comment and was moved to reply. There is a doctor doing research on diabetes and he has helped many people through hi findings. I also like how he takes a holistic approach to health. I would encourage you to have a look at his videos and see if they may be able to help you also.


  10. Genevieve

    My teeth and my gums are in bad condition; I have a chipped tooth and cavities and decayed teeth, and I am scared beyond my wits. I am trying to change and take as much care of my teeth as possible as I can now. But I don’t have the money to go to the dentist and undergo all necessary procedures, and have been praying to God to help renew my teeth again. I don’t know what to do. If you could pray for my teeth and my faith in God to be strengthened, I will be very grateful.

    • Genevieve, I pray the Holy Spirit will bring you peace, restoration, and full healing to your mouth in Jesus’ name. I want to encourage you that the Lord hears your prayers, and that even the smallest amount of faith in His work can have a great effect (e.g. the mustard seed of faith that moves mountains). It has been my experience that when we are desperate, He makes a way–whether that be through supernatural miracle or physical provision–He takes care of His children. I pray He would strengthen you physically, mentally, and emotionally, that He would give you wisdom, and that He would provide for you in His way. Lord Jesus, help Genevieve to feel your presence and your peace, and to fully trust You. Do a mighty work in her. Bring about the restoration she needs, and make her to be a great testimony of your power and grace. Take away her fear, Lord, and pour out a refreshing and healing upon her by your Spirit. Amen.

      • June Ho

        Must be God who has brought me to this website…54 years old, took great care of my teeth but gums giving problems (no bleeding though) and 2 molars shaky and issue withwisdom tooth and by God’s Grace, no experience of pain….I am doing coconut oil pulling in the mornings and just started massaging turmeric/pepper into the gums..

        I claim in Jesus name for super natural healing for my gums/teeth inside my mouth be strong and also claim in Jesus name that I am not under curse….so even if both my parents/grandparents have gum issues, they are not to come near me for the curse is no longer with me, when Jesus died on the cross, set me free and me accepting Jesus, am free from curse.

        Please pray for me for i don’t want to have my molars extracted/wisdom teeth or any teeth to be extracted and i want my gums to be steady/firm/healthy for the next 50 years….thank you…God bless….

        June all the way from Singapore

  11. Adrien

    Praise God for your testimony! Please pray with me too for wholeness completion perfection in my cavities root canals and missing teeth as well! God bless you Theresa as you spread His Word! In Yeshua’s name Amen.

    • Thank you Adrien! My prayers are with you. May you experience the fullness of our Lord’s shalom (wholeness, completion, wellness, and perfection) in Yeshua’s name!!

  12. hi i just had an root canal that i would like to be undone supernaturally(if i can have my pulp/root and teeth restored), any possibility for this? Thank you.

    • Hi Brian,

      I don’t know what the Lord might do, but I will pray for you. Holy Spirit, be with Brian and with his teeth. Help him to connect with you fully in every way, and to experience your great love in a tangible way. Amen.

  13. Brianna

    Greetings from the US. I googled teeth healing & was led to this site. I have had stomach ulcers since I was 12 which has produced too much stomach acid which has caused me many cavities. I had most filled as a teen while on my parent’s insurance. Soon after I was married at 23 I discovered a new one. A month later we were happy to learn that we were expecting our first daughter and I felt that I shouldn’t have any work done while pregnant.

    I have a slight dentist phobia…all things tooth related make me squeamish in all honesty…but that hasn’t stopped me from good oral hygiene. However, once our daughter was born, my husband lost his job & we no longer had insurance and I could not afford to take care of the cavity then. I have seen miracles with my own eyes, and have even experienced healing of my stomach lining. I felt that God had planted a seed of faith in my heart after hearing a message & believed that my tooth would be healed.

    It has been 8 years now & I still have my cavity. We have had lots of job transitions due to the economy & we have never have dental insurance. However, I still believe that God has told me that my cavity will be healed. He has kept the decay to a minimum for a very long time, but it does seem to be getting worse now. I have had a filling fall out because of a wisdom tooth coming in that eventually pushed that molar out completely. I am claiming healing over all dental issue & I believe that this website is proof that it can & will happen.

    Thank you for the encouraging words & I would appreciate your prayers for my dental healing as well. I declare victory over these dental problems in Jesus’ name!

    • Blessings to you, Brianna! I feel for you, having had to deal with physical health issues for so long. Be healed in the name of Jesus! I will continue to agree in prayer with you for your perfect healing both dental and otherwise.

  14. vicky

    Please pray that my front tooth that is decayed is healed. And (2) of my top teeth are broken as well as two of the bottom teeth. I cant afford a dentist and it hurts alot. PLease pray for my complete healing of all my teeth and for my faith to be strengthened in Jesus Name. Your testimony theresa is inspiring. Thank you for praying.

  15. Vicky, may your front tooth, top teeth, and bottom teeth be completely healed in Yeshua’s name! I pray He would restore and strengthen the faith you have in Him. He says, “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest” (Mat. 11:28). May you find your rest and strength in Him as He blesses you with healing and a fulness of Joy. Amen.

  16. Maria

    Hi there,

    Was asking God to show me websites or testimonies on tooth healing. From past experiences I have fear of going to the dentist but have decays in my teeth. I have never really asked Jesus for healing in my teeth before so when I suddenly thought of asking Jesus I felt that it was Jesus’ leading.

    Will you pray that all my decay will be removed and Jesus restore all my teeth for me?

    Blessed by your testimony!

    • Maria, it is so encouraging to me that the Lord used my testimony to encourage you. Certainly He is good and delights in us, even to work miracles in and through us! I pray both that He would heal your teeth completely and that He would replace your fears with His perfect peace. May you be blessed physically and in your walk with Him!

  17. Priscilla

    I have bad teeth and I hope The Lord will restore my teeth and heal my teeth and replace the missing teeth please pray for me amen

    • Priscilla, may it be so! Teeth, be restored in Jesus’ name. Missing teeth, grow back in His name and by His power! Thank you Lord for your goodness and your love for us!

  18. Margaret

    I have teeth that have been chipped and broken and some removed crooked teeth and over crowing even where 1 tooth was remove the other moved over and filled the gap. I was also taking some medicine that has taken a layer of enamel off the back of my of front teeth top and bottom. This week I went for my regular check-up the dentist said I have a bad crack in my back tooth and he wants to drill it out and fill it but he does know how are down in the tooth the crack has gone and if will work or break in the proses. if works he wants to put a crown on it and two other teeth as well. I have been praying and asking God to heal my for sometime, this morning I decide to look on the internet to see if there was any scriptures about God healing teeth and I found you sight so please could you pray for me that He would heal my teeth thankyou amen

  19. Louise

    I am in a lot of pain caused by some bad teeth. I don’t have have insurance or any money to go to the dentist. I have a decayed tooth and some are chipped and I pray God will restore my teeth. I have a lot of gaps in my teeth and I need healing from God. Please agree with me in prayer for healing.

  20. Matthias

    Hi all of you, i have a hurting cavity in one of my teeth. Insurance won´t pay but that is no problem because i kinda know that nothing is impossible for God and that he loves us as a part of him. I want complete healing of my dental problems, my gums, my jaw structure, and my knees and ankles in Jesus name. If illness was my will, i want to accept Gods will as mine. I want to feel love again, for everyone and everything, as love is our nature. Let me be overflowed with unconditional love. Please pray for me! I pray for you to be blessed, as we are all the children of God. Thank you!!

  21. hi there…

    mark here and i also had to see the dentist some week ago over a lost filling … very uncomfy… i dont like western medecine in general.. very expensive and super humanistic, no place for spirit, only high income demi gods in whte robes…tooth still hurt after new filling so he did a root canal.. next appointment in 1 week for final filling. pray4me and wish me luck. we know gd can heal evrything and i mean evrything…in the resurrection there will be healing waters flowing from the split mount of olives so its obvious yeshua will give us a pre taste of whats to come…

  22. Philip

    Praise God. It is awesome how one testimony prompted so many people to respond. I went to my wife’s dentist and noticed as soon as she found out I had dual dental insurances she rushed and filled 5 cavities or what she called abrasions. The next day I had so much pain I couldn’t chew on my left side. It has been three months she had to admit that I may have a cracked molar. I didn’t have any pain before that now not only do I have pain from my molar I now a an upper molar that is sensitive to heat and cold.

    Please pray for me I need extensive dental work done.


  23. Margaret, Louise, Matthias, Mark, and Philip,

    Thank you so much for your comments. I am interceding specifically for each of your situations. May our Lord bless you, heal you, draw you more intimately into His presence, and bring you peace.

  24. sarah

    hi Theresa… Please pray for me.. Daddy, mummy and me have decayed teeth. It hurts. And we can’t afford to go to a dentist

  25. sarah

    and ur testimony is really inspiring 🙂 and yes even bad breath cuz of teeth decay .. 🙁 i have faith that Jesus will heal me

  26. stelladeguia

    Hi Theresa,

    please pray in agreement for the healing/remineralizing of my teeth (especially the roots) and gums (regrowing) – in Jesus name. Just finished chemo treatments. Thank you. God bless.

  27. arlene


  28. prit

    please please i hve cavities,i would like it to heal without a dentist,i cant afford that much and im very scared to go there,please theressa pray for me.thank u

  29. John Latham

    Please pray for me. I have had 3 root canals that failed and the teeth had to be pulled. It seems I have problems every day and it is ruining my life. Thanks in advance. In Jesus name I pray ..Amen

  30. Barbara

    Hi everyone. I am so happy to have finally found others going through the same thing I have been dealing with for over a year. I know it is God’s will that we all be in health. We pray Our Father Who art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come THY WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…. We know that there are no sicknesses in Heaven and that includes tooth decay. We have dental insurance. I had one cavity years ago when I switched to a new dentist due to a move. This guy proceeds to tell me that I have cavities on almost every tooth and I believved him(he’s the professional lol) and went back twice a month for almost a year. I finally decided he had made my teeth worse and stopped going to him. too late. I started having stomach issues, but do not believe in going to the doctor when God is our Healer. So, I prayed, begged, changed my diet , yelled at God and finally, after a year, after studying God’s Word over and over, stuck on Mark 11:22-26. I realized that I was depending on my efforts and gave it totally to God through Jesus’ work on the cross and His promise. My stomach was healed instantly and I knew it without a doubt. And that is the key….no doubt even when you don’t see it. That being said, my teeth have gotten worse and while we still have dental insurance, I have not used it in over a year because I believe that God does not want us trusting man who puts poison in our body and Nothing is impossible with God if only You believe. So, one of my fillings fell out six months ago and then the tooth broke. Still believing. I have a cavities in 4 places that the dentist drilled that are starting to come undone. I know God’s timing is not ours and He does everything for a reason, but that being said, I cannot believe that He wants us in pain or to have rotten teeth and be embarrassed to smile. And people always think I’m weird when I say I am waiting on God to heal my teeth or anything else. I have even prayed for the Holy Spirit to show me if I should go to the dentist. I need someone to agree with me in prayer, as I am a loner and really shy, to believe God for healing of my teeth so that I can let my smile be my testimony. Thank you all for sharing. God is faithful.

  31. Bro. Charles

    I too am encouraged by this wonderful testimony. I’m very thankful to have found your blog site.

    I’ve been standing in faith for a creative-miracle/healing for a rotten molar tooth. A few days ago, the pain hit very, very bad! This is particularly inopportune in that this is happening fewer than two weeks prior to my scheduled wedding date.

    I’ve read a lot of bad reports about root canals; I really don’t want to go that route. Notwithstanding, it’s extremely expensive. I don’t want the molar extracted either. I’ve already lost a molar on the same side and losing another would really make for chewing/eating problems on the right side of my mouth. Not too mention, I don’t suspect it would very attractive for my bride *embarrassed smile.

    I know our loving Heavenly Father loves us. I know that He diesires that we be blessed, well, and whole in every area of our lives. In the past, I’ve stood firmly on the Word of God and have been healed of bowel disease, torn shoulder muscles and other illnesses – decayed teeth are no more difficult for Holy Spirit and sick pooper. :).

    I think, for myself, one of the key components in the equation is the “fear” of dentistry. Fear, in any form, is the direct OPPOSITE of faith. Fear brings torment and it is satan’s vehicle by which he can steal, kill and destroy us.

    Please bear me up in prayer. I would love to be able to call the local news reporting agencies and testify of a miraculous dental healing. My (soon-to-be) wife and I are both called to ministry. There are very recent dental X-RAYS to prove that only 1/3 of the top part of the damaged tooth remains above the gumline. Imagine having new X-RAYS that show a perfect, re-created tooth!

    To God be the glory, in Jesus’ lovely name.

    Thanks & God Bless,
    Bro. Charles
    Montreal, QC

  32. Barbara and Brother Charles, Blessings to you both! You both have such amazing testimonies of how God has been working in you thus far. I pray He would continue the good work He started in you, both physically and otherwise. Yes, Jesus is our healer; He bore our sickness at Calvary so that we could live in health and freedom. Barbara, I am praying with you. Brother Charles, I stand in agreement with you as well–may you also be blessed richly in your ministry! May the blood of Jesus restore healing to you both!

  33. jamaica

    Please pray for me too. I have cavities and it really hurts too much now. That I dont think i can even work in this condition. I believe God is greater than my problems and I know if Jesus can make a lame walk, blind to see I know He can heal my teeth too. As long as believe in Him.

  34. Shereen Ng

    Please pray for me as i’ve been having toothache 3 weeks ago. Seen dentist for the 3rd time and done X-ray and everything that is needed to but the dentist still don’t know what is the root cause of the pain. Was ask to seek specialist advise but I would like to seek Dr Jesus first and I believes He will heal me! Please pray for me. Thank you!

  35. Lorraine

    I didn’t realize bruxism (grinding teeth) is a major cause of cracked teeth; I just thought it wore down the top cuspids. Some of my molars are now cracked enough that they need crowns, but I am absolutely petrified of getting the anesthesia shots since many times they don’t work, and the shots are excruciating causing almost as many problems as they’re supposed to solve. My dentist is awesome and thank God I do have fantastic dental insurance, but I really really do not want to go through with extensive painful dental procedures and lengthy recovery. It crossed my mind to ask God for teeth healing, but I’ve never heard of any dental testimonies before. Certainly nothing is impossible with God, so I googled “Jesus healed my teeth!” and came across this website. Loved reading testimonies of Jesus the ultimate Dentist! Please pray for me that God would completely restore all my cracked teeth, and furthermore restore the worn down cuspids, restore my few fillings (since fillings both save a tooth but yet weaken the remaining enamel making it susceptible to cracks), and help me not to grind/clench anymore. I pray for everyone on this forum that God would heal their teeth; but even if He decides it is best not to, that we would learn whatever it is we’re supposed to through the ordeal. I pray God would grant us all wisdom to know what to do and when to do it (believe Him for healing and/or go through with dental work with the correct dentist). All of this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  36. Jesus please restore Lorraine’s cracked, worn, and filled teeth completely. Help her not to grind and clench her teeth anymore, and to be completely filled with your peace and wisdom.

  37. Cael

    i a m having problems with most o my teeth and I am asking you Theresa to intercede for me in prayer so that our Lord Jesus Christ will provide total restoration for my teeth. I am a firm believer that by his stripes we were healed. Thank you and God bless you.

  38. I have heard tooth issues and taken out so many teeth. I do not want any more to be taken out. i have a bad tooth now and i am believing God for healing. please pray for me.

  39. animesh

    Amazing words theresa you are an angel in the form of GOD(MY LORD). I HAD visited a dentist and he says i have a very bad oral hygeine so many cavities and cracked teeth that dentist is telling me to do root canal surgery and I am afraia of that the dentist would charge me more and over that I would lost my natural tooth crying don’t know what to do … does anyone know about any miracle or anything which prevents cavities please advise I have nothing to do but hope

  40. Melinda

    Dear Theresa,
    I’ve been praying for help, and then I just found your website with your wonderful testimony!
    Please pray for healing of my teeth, your strong faith is helping us all! I am sure, that if someone has little or no faith, then another person like you can help miracles and healing happen if they pray in their name.
    My situation is similar to Arlene’s.
    Thank you, and thank God!


  41. Thanks everyone for your comments. I’ve been busy with my seminary studies, but continue to pray for all who write in.

    The more I study the Scriptures, the more I see that Jesus healed out of His love and compassion. We can have faith in His love that He will heal today as well. He was faithful to die for us while we were still sinners, and He bore our infirmities and pain on the cross along with our sin. May you each be healed by the blood of Jesus, who loves you and wants to make you whole physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Amen.

  42. Tabitha Swan

    I”ve had dental issues most of my life, I’m 45 years old now. I have been praying for my dental issue for many years needing encouragement and wisdom from God and continue stand on His word. Been healed to walk when I was 2 years at a revival my dad preached at it was a miraculous healing that the church got to see God do.That is why I know God can heal my dental issues. Lots of pain , crooked teeth, gum problems , etc. Believed God’s word for healed, restored teeth, gums and mouth. By His stripes my mouth were healed. Believe God led me to you this morning Theresa be encouraged thanks for sharing your testimony. GOD bless you.

  43. Betty

    I have cavity, i think, at the back of my teeth. i need lots of prayer cuz im getting my braces off next week. im SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared. please pray for me.

  44. Alida

    Dear Theresa & all fellow believers ~

    And I thought (rather felt) I was the only one in the world having such a bad, bad situation in my mouth – inherited missing teeth, sporting a bridge. Had multiple cavities since childhood and now, as an adult, my teeth started going bad quickly and very unsightly, gums retracting, baring the roots which blackens while the enamel of the teeth breaks away slowly. Had two molars that just crumbled while chewing. Put me in the pits of desperation. I’ve been praying for more than two years now, but things are gradually worsening, I’m also there where I’m ashamed to smile.
    I’ve done some searching on the ‘spiritual roots of decaying teeth’ and what I’ve found was a spirit of bitterness, within the specs of either inheritance or in my immediate relationships !! I know about loads of bitterness among my family members, especially between spouses, in both my families of origin. I’ve realized that I’ve harbored a lot of subdued and ignored resentment / bitterness against my spouse and I’ve repented of all I could remember in my 13 years of marriage, asking the Holy Spirit to help me remember what I need to confess.
    I’m still waiting to see health return to my mouth, so PLEASE , please pray with me !! I believe that there is power in praying together. I in my turn will pray collectively for all who submitted requests here, may ABBA Father create a testimony in all of us, raising an army of healed believers who can serve others because of it.
    Theresa, may God bless your testimony many, many times more than it already did.

  45. MMeadows

    Lifetime of teeth problems. Crooked teeth, poor hygiene because a abused child not taught hygiene until young adult. As an adult better hygiene then most people. Before 3 yrs of braces they pulled 4 teeth. Teeth reacted to the cement; took enamel off most of teeth. Given retainer because I grind my teeth. Had severe TMJ. Braces again to try to help TMJ. This Left spaces between teeth. Put bonding material on numerous teeth gaps so teeth stay in place. Fast forward several years. Now, numerous crowns, plastic bonding material and fillings. When bonding material degrades, loosens, fall can trap bacteria causing more problems.

    Lately all of my teeth are very sensitive and hurt with nerve pain. unknown source dentists sees nothing causing it. Fainted 3 months ago hit front tooth on ladder. Chipped it and is still sore. Teeth hell from poor beginnings, braces, TMJ, teeth grinding, heredity (mom had poor teeth).

    Please pray and believe with me for a new front tooth and for a complete restoration miracle of all my teeth. Those of you who have had miracles and are willing to pray with me over the phone, email me for my phone number! [email protected]. Thank you

  46. Livi

    Jesus heals. I believe it. I need prayer for all my teeth, cracked and cavities. No pain, but the dentist wants to pull them out and they are my back teeth. The ones I need to eat food! Please join with me to prayer for full restoration. Jesus has healed my body in many ways. I feel as though dentists just want to take me to the next level of care that lines their pockets. I need a miracle. We all do. Thank you so much.

  47. Livi

    Need teeth healed. Jesus has healed anxiety and asthma in me. Teeth have had a hard time and need restoration. Please pray for me. Dentists want to pull my back teeth. Need cavities filled and cracks healed, Thank you Jesus!

  48. Livi, MMeadows, Alida, I’m praying for each of you, and continue to pray for those who write in. God loves each of you and wants to heal you. May it be so in His name and by His precious blood. May all you who read this be blessed with healing, peace, and the fullness of God’s comforting presence!

  49. sam

    It is an amazing testimony , I can’t believe I found this website god bless, dear Theresa please pray for me I have a teeth problem and the teeth problem are driving me to anxiety and fear and most of z time I can’t concentrate in school and public, it’s been a month since I have this problem. I have a faith in God will heal me and restore my health. Please please remember me with ur prayer

    God bless you

  50. maritza

    Please pray for the healing of my sons teeth he has some dark spots on them and I am afraid of letting the dentist do a root canal on them. He is only 2 1/2 yrs old, I guess he inherited bad teeth from me since mine are also bad. I believe in miracles and confidently wait on my Lord to heal us.

  51. Jesse

    I am 19 years old and I’m now finding out that I have moderate gum disease. I couldn’t visit the dentist for years, because my mom couldn’t afford to take me. I have the faith in god that he can restore my health and that my gums will get better. Please a special prayer for me that the almighty god will heal me please. God bless you.

  52. Jesse

    I forgot to mention the rest of my family suffer with teeth problems too. Some of the problems are so bad that they can endanger their life. Please say a prayer for us that he will heal, guide, and protect us. I appreciate the extra prayer. Once again god bless your soul.

  53. Sam: Peace to you, and health to your teeth in the precious name of Jesus! I also pray the Lord would bring you clarity. Bless you for your faith.

    Maritza: May you have peace that surpasses understanding, and complete healing of your son’s teeth in Jesus’ name. Many blessings to you and your son.

    Jesse: I pray for you and your family that the Lord would fully heal, guide, and protect you. May your gums be completely restored to health in Jesus’ name, and may He bring wisdom and blessing to your family.

  54. Marie

    I first of all want to confess that i’m at total fault because of my neglect to take proper care of my teeth. I have missing teeth, loose teeth, a broken tooth, and many cavities, also my gums hurt and bleed. Here on earth it would cost a fortune to have my Dental work restored. I know that all my Heavenly Father requires is that I ask, and believe him to take care of my every need. I am filled with such joy in finding this site as I pray for the needsof everyone, I ask that all of you would also pray for me. In the mighty name of Jesus AMEN!!! Thanks

  55. Hi, Marie. The physical care we give our teeth is important, as you mention, since our bodies are a temple for the Spirit. BUT, I want to encourage you that just as Christ came to reconcile sinners to Himself, so does He want to heal us physically (regardless of the cause), and to forgive all of our iniquities. Bless you for your faith in our Lord. May He heal you in every way. 🙂

  56. amelia

    i struggled with cavities and grinding of my teeth for a while now my dentist had just told me i have 8 cavities and i worry about my teeth every second. i want god to heal my tooth decay but im worried my teeth will all fall out by then. Im scared because i don’t want the density to be drilling my teeth. I want to wait for Gods healing but afraid it wont work i all desperate for prayer for healing of my teeth !!!!

    • Amelia, I’m praying for you to have complete healing of your teeth, and especially to have peace. Trusting God requires letting go of fear. May His Holy Spirit take away your fears and give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. I was just reading 2 Corinthians 4:17-18: “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” You can trust Him, because He loves you. If He tells you to go to a dentist, you can trust Him; and if He tells you to wait, you can trust that too. The safest place to be is resting in the Spirit. His grace and peace to you!

  57. sophia

    So encouraged in readin your testimony and Praise God that you shared it. I am teaching my children about God and how we are healed by Jesus Christs stripes. My daughter has 2 cavities and I tokd her that if we ask Jesus will heal them, she is three and has been going around saying Jesus going to heal my cavities. Also she has a chipped front tooth she prayed and asked Jesus to heal. She has no doubt he is healing her teeth. I believe it too, I am just uncertain of the time frame we have a dentist appointment in 2 days and I really dont want to bring her in without a healing. If we get to the appointment and she says jesus not heal my cavity? I am going to feel like I have mistaught or confused her. I want her to believe all of Gods word and experience his blessings. I also want to walk in faith and be what Gods word calls me to be. Lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Any wisdom or encouragement?

    • Thank you Sophia. I love that you are teaching your little ones to pray, and I love your young daughter’s faith!! I have a three year old son, and he is the same way. He is always praying for all the sick. He prayed for me last week while I had the flu, and my headache, nausea, and chills went away immediately. We had been praying for him and his brother as they had the same flu the week before, and there was no apparent healing. But I think he enjoys the process regardless. I’m not sure that little people’s faith is so dependent on results the way our adult thinking is. In case there were a disappointment we could remind them that God knows the past, present, and future, and that just because healing is delayed in one instance does not mean that He is not the Great Physician who desires to heal everyone. My advise would be to trust what the Spirit is telling you, and not to worry too much about what God chooses to do or how He chooses to do it. If she were not healed, and you showed disappointment, that could effect her stronger than the results themselves. So embrace the child-like faith, rest in Him, and listen about whether or not to move the appointment (I have the feeling you know already…). It sounds like your daughter has an unbelievable faith, and will experience many healing miracles whether or not this is one of them (though I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if your dentist appointment results in a big surprise as God shows off His work!!). I am praying for you, for the completion of this miracle, and for many more miracles in the future! May your family be blessed!

  58. Mary

    I have a few cavities in the back of my teeth. I have been on several mission trips and seen miraculous healings. I’ve seen the deaf hear, I’ve seen the chronically sick be without pain any more, I’ve seen the permanently disabled get up and walk. I’ve been healed myself. And in Jesus’ name I’m praying that that my cavities will be healed as well! I’d love it if you could join me in my prayer. I will head to the dentist when I can afford it either way, but I’m just getting ready to graduate college, so i’d rather not have to take out a credit card or something to fix my teeth. In Jesus name, let me be healed!

  59. please pray for the healing of tooth decay that has been bothering me for a long time. i believe teeth can be healed through a miracle.

  60. Ashley

    I have had tooth issues including cavities and decay for years and while God has seemed to slow the progression of some, im starting to have pain again like when I had to have one pulled, with the remaining issues I ask that you please pray for me, pray for my healing of cavities in the name of Jesus!

  61. Alida

    Is there anyone who has a testimony of healing already ? I’m feeling a bit despondent, yet I WILL NOT give up believing, loving and trusting my Father. Things are not good in my teeth, I’ve asked even more friends to pray and I’ve anointed my teeth, yet it is not yet His time. It’s a bit frustrating to wait while my mouth looks quite bad, yet I will keep on waiting. He DID SAY that HE is the God that heals us, and for our iniquities Jesus’ blood was shed and for our sicknesses, His body was bruised. He said it and that settles it.

  62. Ashley, I’m praying for you! May you be healed in the name of Jesus!!

    Alida, Amen! I’ve been waiting for a miracle in another area, and a couple months ago was starting to become discouraged and thinking in loops about what more I should or shouldn’t be doing. My good friends reminded me to hold fast to the word He’d given me. I will remind you the same thing. If He said He will heal you, He will. He is always faithful. I am praying again for your teeth, and for you to find that place of peace in Him.

  63. Karen

    I was looking for a healing prayer and came across this site, having had dental problems for a few years I’m now at my wits and, I recently visited a dentist due to being in so much pain, I have many decayed teeth, my teeth are crooked and have several missing teeth, I can’t afford to pay for the cost of treatment to restore my teeth, I’m so embarrassed by the condition of my teeth and it’s making me feel so depressed, I’m so desperate please pray for me Theresa that The Lord will heal my teeth, God Bless you

  64. Michelle

    Hi Theresa, my 9-year old daughter Rebecca cracked her tooth while playing in a pool today. I am trusting in Jesus to heal and restore her tooth.

  65. Justice

    Hi Thesera. I thank God for this site and for your testimony. Please pray for me the miracle you’ve had. I have had problems with my teeth since I was young. Some of my back teeth were removed. But now I have recently lost two. Others are cracked and I have cavities. Worse thing is that I don’t have insurance and I am a public speaker so imagine what it does to my self esteem. I pray for a miracle from Lord Jesus. I know there’s nothing impossible with Him.

  66. Danielle

    I wanted to ask you to agree with me in prayer over my teeth. I have been praying for a miracle for all my teeth and gums. This post has encouraged me. Thank you!!

  67. Tiffany

    Hello my name is Tiffany,
    I have read your testimony and many of these comments. I was lying in bed and could not sleep because the pain is too much to bear. I cried out in frustration moments ago because I have had such a hard time with my teeth since I was young I am two weeks away from turning 22 and my wisdom teeth are growing it as I speak. My teeth have so much decay that I fear I will need dentures, but I do not want them because I have faith I will be healed. I cannot afford a dentist nor insurance and I have many family problems so I don’t want to worry them more. They know my teeth hurt but they don’t know how badly it does. Long story short I know I am loved and I am a child of God, I just really don’t understand why the pain won’t cease?! I recently had an activation for stewarding creative miracles, and know without a shadow of a doubt He heals! Please with me in prayer for full restoration and for no future pain or decay! Thank you and blessings on you and your whole family!

  68. Nada

    I am so encouraged to read all these testimony about the power of our father. I have also a problem on my tooth, I visited the dentist but I do not have any peace in my heart for this…. and I am sure this is not by chance that I have found this site. I know that God can heal me completely and give me new teeth and gums because I also have problems in my gums, truly this bothered me a lot and made me cry several times….but God encouraged me to pray and have faith in him that he can totally heal me so please pray for me.

  69. Priscilla rowl

    I pray that The Lord will heal and restore my broke teeth and bless other the same way amen

  70. Linda

    I am tried and sick of the cavities in my teeth,they smell and makes me uncomfortable especially when around people.i believe God will heal me.pls remember me in ur prayers

  71. mal

    I read the testimony of the healing God gave to 12 teeth on your site. I am in a desperate situation. My daughter of 4 years has 15 teeth to be attended to with crowns, fillings,c aps & root canals…..She is not in pain at all but 3 dentists we went to are suggesting general anesthesia…No one wants to attend to the issues one visit at a time.. I am terrified of general anesthesia to be administered at her age…

    I believe the Lord with all my heart & my daughter too prays always to Jesus….she loves the Lord.

    Please pray for her ..we have another appointment on Saturday for the general anesthesia…We are reluctant to go ahead, but worried that not attending to the teeth will harm her ,since the dentists are scaring us.
    I have faith that the Lord won’t let her go through it & that her teeth are going to heal before the 20th September.
    Please pray for her teeth to heal…we fervently need your prayers..

    Her name is Shanesa

    God Bless you.

    • Hi, Mal. I’m praying for Shanesa. May she have a complete and speedy healing of her teeth in the name of Jesus! I also pray for His peace over you all. Blessings.

  72. chas

    Hi. I’mgoing through a very ddifficult & hurtful time in my life. My front teeth needs root canals & I lost one in the front. This problem has really broke me down bc I can’t afford to go to the dentist to get anything fixed. Would you please pray that God with restore my teeth & heal me. I would give anything to have a beautiful smile again!!

  73. Deb

    Good Morning Theresa!

    I am so blessed to have found your blog. I’ve read your post and most of the comments and your endless efforts to pray with such beautiful people.

    I am 25 years old and I have been suffering from tooth issues for YEARS. I have prayed to God to heal me and to fill my missing teeth but I’ve recently realized that I’ve allowed some doubt and unbelief to sneak into my camp. I would love it if you could stand with me in agreement and pray with me concerning this issue. No one knows how horrible my teeth are, not my family, friends, anyone except dentist that I have seen it in the past. Since I was 18 I was cut off of the government assistance dental insurance that was provided for me through my mother. Since then I have had to pay out of pocket (working while in college) to see dentist that treat patience with no insurance. (They treat us horribly 🙁 ) I have had over 15 fillings, 2-3 root canals, and about 5 pulled teeth. My teeth where never as bad until I allowed dentist to get inside them. I trust God but I feel like there is something I am missing. I would love it if you would pray with me. I absolutely hate my smile because of the shame of my missing teeth, discoloration, and visible fillings not to mention being so young. I am sure my friends notice the altered smile I put on trying to hide my insecurities.

    I am thankful for your story for it has given me a more faith to believe. God does heal teeth! God Bless you!

    • Thank you, Deb. Yes, He does heal teeth! May He heal you now, and restore your complete faith in Him, and help you to love yourself the way He loves you. I can empathize with your physical insecurities in other ways, and also know what it’s like to feel as if we must be missing something if His blessing is delayed. He loves you, and wants to heal and restore you completely. I pray with you that it would come quickly! 🙂

  74. gerri

    Have had very severe problems with my teeth and gums after having a bad experience with a dentist. He totally ruined them, and no dentist can fix them. Please pray for total healing on all problems with my teeth and gums. I’ve been praying everyday myself. Thank you!

  75. milena ferreira

    hello wanted to ask for prayer for my son Danilo he have te crooked teeth ,his palate it is small and needs to be extended, also pray for me I have toothache,my teeth are treated by the dentist but they hurt a lot and also have 3 missing teeth please pray for us, God bless you .obrigada

  76. Brenda

    Praise God that he healed your tooth, I am praying for a biggie too! I have a chipped tooth and haven’t had the funds to fix it. I got food stuck in the other day and hit the nerve, it hurts so bad and the dentist is too expensive. I believe for a miracle on my tooth it’s beats having to find the money to pay for the treatment, and the pain to go through the procedure!

  77. Andrew

    Hi, I am suffering from three cracked molars, one of which is infected and hurts very much. I don’t have dental insurance. I believe that there is power and healing in Jesus’ name, and I pray with everyone else here who needs healing, too, that God will lead us in the way of healing, that he has the power to deliver us from our maladies, and restore us body, mind, and soul. Our job is to believe in the One he sent! Dear Jesus, Please help me and all of the people here who need healing. Please lay your hands on everyone who is suffering and deliver them from broken teeth, diseased mouths, infections of the gums, teeth, and all tissues and bone surrounding the teeth. Please give comfort to those in such awful pain, and preach peace to those in fear of further pain or discomfort. Please, Lord, show yourself so powerfully through your ability to heal us and keep us safe and healthy. We are your children and you love us. Please provide for our physical, spiritual, and emotional needs as you promise all throughout your Holy Word. In Jesus’ precious and powerful Name I pray. Amen. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength:
    Isaiah 26:4 KJV

  78. Lily

    I am asking for prayer for the Lord to completely restore and strengthen my gums and teeth.

    God Blessings!

  79. Zhong

    Please pray for me! I chipped my front teeth a few months ago and I have many (and I mean many) fillings on my teeth already. I need God to take away all the fillings and heal my teeth to perfect health so I don’t have to worry and be scared of them falling off and needing to be replaced (each time they are replaced, a bit of the tooth needs to removed). In addition, my gums have been receding over the past few months. These two things have been constantly caused me stress. Please stand in agreement with me that the Lord will heal my gums and teeth completely! I know this requires a miracle and only He can do it!

  80. Sum C.S

    Good morning Theresa. Please pray for me. My gum is receding and 3 molars has fallen off. One molar is very loose. thank you and God bless.

  81. Renee

    Hi would you please pray for me, i have a molar with a huge cavity I have not gotten any sleep have tried all kinds of home remedies, and am so much in need of Jesus healing virttue for my teeth please, thank you so much
    God bless you

  82. Susan

    (I have been watching healing videos but almost all concern back and legs.) I have lost an implant and molar recently. Worse, due to delays in treatment not of my doing, infection seems to be attacking jaw bone and so other teeth. I do believe God does heal, wants to heal. I want to save the rest of my teeth gums and jaw bone. Way too much antibiotic treatment. Getting root canal monday and crown tues. Appreciate prayer very much.

    • Jesus, please heal Susan’s teeth, gums, and mouth completely. Remove and reverse the infection that has taken hold of her mouth. Shower her with your peace, and your healing presence now in your mighty name, Jesus.

  83. Katie

    Encouraging testimonies!
    Please stand with me in prayer. I just know God is gonna heal my teeth. But after having severe pain and swelling in my mouth suddenly, I found out that a cavity had formed under a filling and was deep to the nerve, also had developed an infection which produced horrible headaches and a low-grade systemic infection which was zapping my energy. My insurance won’t cover a root canal and I am too young to lose a tooth. God healed this same tooth when 2-3 years ago I was told my tooth was dead. The nerve came back to life and still is alive, so I feel like my faith is being challenged about my healing. But God’s will is for complete wholeness and restoration! So will you please agree with me in prayer that God will build me a new tooth and restore all my teeth to perfect health in Jesus’ name? The fear and the pain are stifling and I am avoiding food because of it. But I am alone raising 2 kids and working 2 jobs so there is no room for dental problems or dangerous infection in my body. I accept and appreciate anyone who will agree with me in prayer! Thank you in advance!

  84. Hadassa

    I believie in the healing and power of God ,,, I have read some of the comments and I know Im healed from gingivitis ,,, oh my God he is real and works in misterios ways ,,, I had been bleeding from my gum for sometime now and because I have no dental plan I haven’t been able to visit the dentist and had been worried about the bleeding ,,, all the glory be to God ,,, I have gone for a doctor’s check-up in over 20 years ”no joke” all the glory to God and I strongly believie I enjoy of good health so when I started to notice that I was bleeding from my gum I got all paranoid and saten will always look for his way around to just bring those negative thoughts ”I rebuke him in the name of Jesus” when I opened my laptop this afternoon to check on my email ,,, I decided to look up ” GOD IS GOING TO HEAL MY GUM” and was shocked to read how many of us trust on the lord for healing of the gum ”praise his holy name” I have been healed after reading such amazing testimonies ”to God be all the glory” IM HEALED FROM MY BLEEDING GUM.

  85. Hadassa

    I wish on this site a few days ago and posted my healing comment and for those who don’t believie there is a God and that he heals ,,, well I had bleeding gums and I proclaimed healing for my gum as I said in my previous comment,,, I have no dental insurance and worse Im paranoid about going to the dentist so I proclaimed healing for my bleeding gum which was driving me to the point of stressing me out and worried ,,, so I decided to take my issue to the one and only (GOD) and this is truly a miracle ,,, the bleeding has stopped ,,, I

  86. Christina

    Im in need of prayer right now…Im in so much pain…my teeth and gums hurt so bad…I have cavities 2 molers removed when I was younger…Chipped teeth…I blame my parents for never really taking me to the dentist when I was a kid or a teenager…I have so much low esteem with my teeth…when I smile I never show my teeth…I have always wondered if God could really heal teeth and do a miracles such as these…I really believe God could heal my teeth…and take away this pain im having now…I believe… I dont have dental insurance or money for my teeth….please pray for me. ..I need a miracle…

    • Christina, I pray the Lord would heal your teeth, and restore your smile. May you be well body, soul, and spirit in Him! He wants to take away not just the physical teeth problems, but the hurt, bad memories, and emotional pain from your past. May you experience God’s love and complete healing today!

  87. Tammmy

    I have several broken teeth that are starting to hurt and very poor insurance. Plus a deep fear of dentists, a relative died in the dentist chair. Please pray for me and the healing of my teeth.

  88. Tammy

    Please pray for me and healing my teeth. They are starting to hurt a lot and i am so afraid of dentist. I was having doubts, I read you page and hope you and Jesus can help.

  89. Akera

    Hi Thersea. I believed God to be bring my teeth back to restoration. I prayed and have faith and do have faith that God will heal my decays. Please stand with me in prayer for healing of my Cavities.
    I do not have the funds to see a dentist.

  90. Ty

    I have decayed teeth, I have no money to get them fix. My fear is one of my front breaks off do to decay. I pray that GOD will heal my teeth. Agree with me in prayer for complete healing and restoration of my teeth in Jesus name, Amen.

  91. Helen

    I fell down and my front teeth broken, I don’t want my front teeth to be removed. Pray for me please I believe God will restored back my teeth to it normal position, I was impressed with your testimony if God can do it for u I believe He will also going to do it for me in Jesus Name Amen

  92. Deepa

    Please pray with my for God to heal my cavities because I know he can. I am still going to a dentist but I know God can heal me.

  93. Sandra R

    Dear Sister Theresa,
    By the grace of the Lord, I never had any tooth problems. I used to get mild infection in my gum around my wisdom tooth occasionally. I went to the dentist this January who was quick to diagnose to extract the tooth to avoid future problems. I was foolish and didnt seek God and went with her advise. After removing it i suffered from infections and severe depression and total imbalance in my hormones for about two months. I am praying for God’s healing and for Jesus to give me another tooth in its place. Please agree with me in my prayer.

    God bless,


    • Grace and peace to you Sandra! He has given you grace, so you can forgive yourself as well. 🙂 I am praying in agreement with you for your healing! May it come quickly and completely in Jesus’ name!

  94. rubi

    Does God healed crooked teeth? I’m praying for this. Very much disappointed. My family situation won’t allow me to contact dentist.

    • rubi, I have not personally seen the miracle of crooked teeth healed, but I believe our God can heal anything! I am praying that He would straighten your teeth now! 🙂

  95. Hi Theresa . Please help me in prayer – I have bad cavities in my mouth and my front teeth are also chipped – I trust God will heal my cavities, fill the gaps and restore them to their original colour . Promise to do a better job of taking care of them than I did in the past . I had a dream a day before yesterday and event that dream I was still conscious of the condition of my teeth . At work when people talk about their visit to the dentist I keep quite. I ask all these in the Mighty name of our LordJesus Christ

    • I’m praying for you, Martha. He doesn’t heal based on our track record, but on HIS. Be healed. Have peace. 🙂

      This verse from Isaiah comes to mind: “‘Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth…'” (Is. 43:18-19).

  96. Graziano

    Hello Theresa, writing from Italy, I came across this blog while I was searching for healing prayers to Jesus, .I suffer of periodontitis and I’ve already lost several of teeths…but I’m only 42 …This disease begun some years ago, I admit I underrated it at first, so it was also my fault not realizing what was happening…
    Soon I’m going to start a particular and very expensive (I don’t know how to find money) ..laser therapy hoping to improve and block the disease….
    The problem its also I’ve lost so much bone… I’m very sad and some day very depressed…if I only could be back to some years ago…. Please, I ask you to pray The Lord Jesus for me, so I could grow new bone where its lost…and maybe to heal this very nasty disease…

    Thank you and be blessed for your gift and mission.

    • Jesus, heal Graziano’s teeth, and bring renewed joy to his spirit. I pray for a creative miracle–that the bone would grow new where it has been lost, and for missing teeth to grow back in Jesus’ name. I pray for extra financial blessing. And I pray for a complete emotional health. Bless Graziano with both healing and joy, Lord. Peace in his body, and peace in his mind. Amen.

  97. Jeffrey

    Theresa, I’m so happy to have found your website. I have a wisdom tooth which formed lying on its side and it is pushing into the back of my right molar. I went to see the dentist, yesterday, and she said that I will likely need 1. a root canal or 2. extraction of the wisdom tooth or 3. extraction of the molar. I don’t want any of the above. I pray to the Lord for a full and spontaneous healing. I believe in the power of the Lord and that, with Him, anything is possible. Theresa, please pray for me and ask the Lord that he heal my teeth so that I don’t need any surgeries, procedures and/or extractions. Amen!

    • Jesus, heal Jeffrey’s teeth so that these procedures are not necessary. Holy Spirit, do your work in Jeffrey’s mouth to bring this wisdom tooth into it’s proper place–the way the Lord designed his mouth to be created. Thank you for your healing power and your creative and spontaneous work. Thank you for your love for Jeffrey. Amen!

  98. kate

    Please pray for myteeth. Due to a dentists mistakes I have been left with pain, cracks on teeth and a bite that doesnt work properly which is causing more damage. Please pleasepray for healing from the Lord so I can get on with life.

    • Jesus, please heal Kate’s teeth completely. Take away all trauma connected with these dentist experiences, and help her to completely forgive the dentist even though it is undeserved. Give her peace and a vision Lord, so that she may rest in you fully. And bring your healing mercies to her quickly. I ask you for the teeth to fill in where there have been cracks, to be aligned properly in her mouth, for all damage to be reversed and renewed, and for all pain to leave in your name Jesus. Thank you for your healing power and love.

  99. jyothi dsouza

    please pray for me. i have very bad teeth and gums. all are rotten. infected gums filled with puss. please pray to god to be healed and to regrow my teeth to normal and healthy as well as the gums.
    thank you.

    • Holy Spirit, touch Jyothi’s teeth and gums with your power. Bring complete healing in Jesus’ name–reverse the infection, regrow and renew teeth, and recreate a healthy mouth Lord, as per Your original intention. I also ask Jesus that you would fill Jyothi with peace, joy, and thanksgiving as You bring this magnificent healing. Thank you, Lord, that no illness is beyond Your power and love.

  100. Patricia Tang

    Hi Theresa,

    Firstly I want to thank you for being a blessing to so many people. I was googling about miraculous healing of decayed teeth when I stumbled upon your site. I have a son 18 who is autistic and he has 3 decayed teeth. It’s at the front. It started as abrasions and I wanted to trust God to heal because my son Jesse will be terrified of going to a dentist bring the way he is. I have prayed for a long time for a creative miracle for him but nothing has happened yet. I am getting anxious and worried that he will lose his teeth and I really don’t want him to suffer. He has no speech and can’t express himself. I really feel sad for him. Please pray that God will not delay and totally bring healing and restoration to Jesse’s teeth. I really do believe that God can heal but so far his situation seem to be worsening. Thank you for praying.


    • Jesus, I ask for a creative miracle in Jesse’s body–that his teeth would be completely healed and restored in your name. I also ask that You would heal his autism, so that the brilliance You created within him could be shared with higher expression within the world. Please bring your healing quickly, and give peace to Patricia and this family. Amen.

      • Patricia Tang

        Thanks for the prayer. I receive it in Jesus Name. I wait expectantly to see God’s glory as He heals Jesse. God bless you!

  101. George

    I am close to losing several of my teeth. I suppose if I were a better person they would naturally heal themselves., but I am not there yet. Please pray that God would save my teeth Theresa and thank you for your prayers on behalf of those who need them.

    • George, God’s grace for healing is like His grace for salvation: it is not conditional on our works, but a free gift of love. We should treat our bodies well to steward the gift He has given us, and to sustain good health in our physical bodies. But fear not! You are not disqualified from healing based on the things you could or should have done! He wants to bless you just as you are, and He will help you to practically care for your body as well.

      Jesus, please heal George’s teeth fully! Restore the teeth that are unhealthy, strengthen and purify his teeth Lord. Also, please reveal to George how much you love him, and bless him with your peace. Amen!

  102. shaz

    My front tooth broke due to a decay. I am unable to afford the dentist . So as i was thinking god led me to your website .i pray that god regrows my broken tooth and fills my cavities
    I have faith in the lord god almighty and feel inspired by all the requests and responses

  103. DHIRAJ

    Hi Theresa, Please pray for my teeth they are full of cavity and suggest me teeth healing prayer so i can also pray for my teeth thank you and god bless you.

  104. Daisy

    Pray that my cavities and cracked teeth will be healed, for I believe that my decay is getting worse. Mom is bugging me about it, Pray for healing prayer that there would be no decay, no nothing on my teeth and have a full restoration. God bless in Jesus name, may He get all the glory for this. Amen.

  105. Anonnie

    Theresa, I just google teeth healing and your site was one of the first to show up. Thank you for praying for all these people. I also request that you pray for me as well for my teeth to be fully healed. I would appreciate more than you could ever know. It’d be cool if I could thank you in Heaven for praying for me haha. 🙂 Thank you very much. Blessings 🙂

    • Haha. Anonnie, I look forward to meeting you in heaven! Your comment brought me a smile, and joy is one of the best spiritual gifts. May you be blessed with the complete healing of your teeth, and with the fulfillment of the other dreams on your heart as well! 🙂

  106. Hello12

    Thank you so much for your testimony Theresa, it greatly helps and blesses me. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! May God forever bless you. In Jesus’ name.

    However, if you can, please pray for my inner physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. I pray that I will have the over of my right second pre-molar (bicuspid) tooth and that the Lord will strengthen, heal, and restore its other half that’s still there so it won’t fall out immediately for I believe and trust that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords can do a quick work. Nothing is too hard for Him! Hallelujah! I also pray that the evil cavity will be forever removed from my right first molar tooth that is behind the aforementioned tooth. Also, I pray the Lord will completely heal and restore all of my teeth and that they will be each cavity free. In addition, I pray that I will not have gum disease. In Jesus’ name.

    • Hello12

      Oops, the fourth line should be “the other half of my right second pre-molar (bicuspid) tooth. The fifth line should be “strengthen, heal, and restore its other half” immediately in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!

    • I’m praying for you! May you be blessed in body, soul, and spirit. I am remembering and praying 1 Thess. 5:23 over you–that each part of your being would be in perfect alignment with our Lord now and always. May your teeth and gums especially be healed and renewed now in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  107. Asamoah

    Hello Madam…
    I am very grateful for the Holy Spirit power of healing on you. I just broke my front tooth and i believe that i can be divinely healed in Jesus name. please pray with me as joint member in Christ body for my healing.
    Thank you Lord for your healing

  108. George

    Well, God refused to heal my teeth. To make matters worse I have been having all kinds of trouble with my dentist’s work and his ethics, so now I feel abandoned twice by God.

    • George, I am sorry your miracle hasn’t come yet. Don’t lose hope in God, brother! He is still with you, and He stills love you.

      Remember the story of Lazarus’ death in John 11? Mary felt abandoned because Jesus did not come, and Lazarus died. But when Jesus came in His timing, He wept, and then He called Lazarus back from death. There are no emergencies in heaven!

      I am praying with you to hear the Lord’s voice clearly in your life, to receive His wisdom and discernment for this hour, and that He would give you a strategy for your healing. Sometimes God works through the miraculous alone, and sometimes He uses physical strategies to bring healing as with Hezekiah being healed by the fig poultice that Isaiah made for him. It sounds like your current dentist may not be the one to help you. I pray the Holy Spirit would make your next direction clear, and guide you to receive the healing He has for you however it comes!

      Watch for the things He IS doing in your life, so that you can connect to Him through thanksgiving. Phil. 4:6: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

      • George

        Realistically, it would take any dentist the rest of my life to fix all my dental problems and by the time he was done, I probably wouldn’t have any more of my original teeth. I would love to have a dentist like Isaiah, but all the dentists I have dealt with are like Jacob and Laban.

        • George, I don’t know if you have researched natural health treatments for teeth, but this may be something to pray about. I do not believe His healing power is in any way connected to our works; but I do think our attempts to treat our bodies as a healthy temple for the Spirit in the physical can expedite healing.

          I recently started oil pulling with essential oils as preventative care for my teeth after my normal brushing/flossing, and have been impressed how clean my mouth feels. I use a few drops of each: cloves, thieves, orange, added to coconut oil, and swish it around my mouth for 20 minutes, then spit it in the garbage (because oil can solidify and clog drains). I know others have done research into other natural healing methods, using the resources God has given us. It might be something to look into and pray about.

          In the meantime, I am still praying for you to experience an awesome miracle! I believe He can heal you thoroughly and bring complete restoration to your mouth. Jesus heal George quickly by your grace and power! Heal him above and beyond what he believes is possible! Amen.

          • George

            I appreciate the value of natural health treatments, but I am still having all kinds of problems with my teeth. It has gotten to the point where it is getting difficult to chew.

          • George, It sounds like you need Jesus to give you a strategy for your healing. I am praying you would be able to hear Him directing you. I know you have been praying as well for your healing. Pray now that He would show you what He is doing, and whether He wants you to do something to care for your teeth in the physical as you are waiting for the fullness of your healing.

          • George

            In regard to the strategy you suggested, I am trying to line myself up with God’s will and to resist the devil’s will.

  109. Danielle

    I just wanted to ask for prayer. I have been praying for healing and restoration for my teeth for a long while now. My teeth are all in rough shape. A dentist visit for me has always..even as a child…resulted in a lost tooth each time. Pregnancies and possible genetics has taken a huge toll. All of my teeth have serious broken, cracked and/or decayed teeth. I am a child of the most high and i ask for my father to heal me and restore what has veen taken. Would you pray in agreement with me? Thanks!! Many blessings!!!

    • I’m praying for you, Danielle! Holy Spirit, I ask that you would heal Danielle of the traumas of her past in loosing teeth and of every other traumatic experience. May all trauma and the effects of trauma be removed from her physical body. Bring peace into her body, Jesus, and heal her teeth and body fully in your name! I ask for broken and cracked teeth to be restored, decayed teeth to be cleansed, healed, and strengthened, and for a complete restoration of all that has been lost in Danielle’s life to be regained and restored. Thank you Father God that you are a Good Father who loves to bless us. Please pour your love and blessing over Danielle today. Amen.

  110. Jolean

    God has been there for me many times and guided me through many rough events. Most everyone in my mother’s side of my family has bad teeth. I have a lot of fillings and a couple chipped teeth. One has gotten worse and I’ve recently noticed it’s turning black. It’s roots are also tangled up with the roots of a wisdom tooth that is impacted. I’ve been praying that the Lord will heal me. I don’t want to go to the dentist/oral surgeon. I have a couple cats that need the money towards their medical and prescription diet. God told me to get a second opinion on Tiger,13.5 yrs, who come to find out has had pancreatitis his whole life amongst a list of other health problems. With out His guidance Tiger would have died a couple of years ago. He has guided me and his vet of 2.5 yrs. I pray for forgiveness of my sins and for God to heal me, and my cats. That he heal and regrow Tiger’s and my teeth. Can you please pray for us?

    • I’m praying for you and your cats, Jolean! What a great testimony that the Lord has given you discernment and direction regarding Tiger! He is at work in your lives, and I am praying for Him to continue His good work by bringing you and Tiger complete healing of your teeth and bodies–and health to your other cat(s) as well!

  111. Honna


    So I am awaiting my dental insurance which kicks in February 1st 2016. I had an abscess in august and I had been praying about it because of the pain and swelling . In the beginning of October my piece of tooth fell out and the pain hadn’t been as bad. I am sure I still have decay but I can’t do anything about it. I have Google searched which is never good, and people tell me I could die from this. I know God is great and can heal and work miracles. I also know He knows my stRuggles with waiting for insurance. I need prayer that God will.keep.me alive and help me get this fixed or jut heal.it Himself.

    • Honna, I’m praying for your healing, and as that the Lord would help you in figuring out your dental insurance! I’m also, praying that He would comfort you in His peace and wisdom. Thank you Jesus for Honna’s life. Please do a quick healing work in her in your Name!

  112. Hey Theresa just want to say how your experience with God about your tooth has seriously inspired me to pray to the Lord to heal my teeth. I know that he can because i have seen what he has done around me with myself included. I have about 9 teeth that need work and well i don’t have insurance and as you know dental work is pretty expensive. I had a root canal done on one and now i need another one and i am constantly worried all day and in pain because it hurts and it is hard to eat like this. Your testimony helped me in a great way Glory to God. I will keep on praying reading his word and fasting because i need a miracle and i know my Father can do all things. God Bless

    • Yay! I am so glad my testimony inspired you! May God bless you, and answer your prayers quickly. I am praying in agreement with you for your healing. Blessings!

  113. My teeth are in critical condition affecting my health. I have no money, physical or emotional strength to get the dental care I need. I need a miracle. Please stand with me in agreement for healing of my teeth.

    • Jesus, I pray for you to do a miracle in Gloria’s life. Heal her teeth completely, bless her finances, and renew her physical and emotional strength in your mighty name!

      “All things have been handed over to Me by My Father; and no one knows the Son except the Father; nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Mat. 11:27-30)

  114. Juan carlos

    Hi Theresa. Thank you for your testimony. I wrote to you a few weeks ago. I’m still praying and waiting on the lord to heal all my teeth hence some are rotten and broken but I’m afraid of what could happen to me because one is wide open and it hurts while others are broken. Please join me in prayer so that God almighty heal my teeth and restore my teeth. I’ve seen him restoring people’s teeth to normal in a blink of an eye and some with golden teeth. I just want my teeth normal or however He decides I’m still praying and fasting for this. In God we await patiently. Blessings!

  115. jess

    oh the inspiration found here!! Thank you!!! also, please pray for complete healing for me as I am reaching out after several years of an eating disorder that has affected my teeth, self image, and i’m sure other bodily functions, but deepening my faith has brought me to the point that I am ready and willing to do what needs to be done to be healed and “live” again!! thank you!!!

    • Jess, I’m praying for your complete healing!! Begin to ask the Lord how He sees you, and what He likes about you. He created you to reflect His beauty in your whole person (physical body, disposition, and talents), and I believe He wants to show you the depth of how He created you and how much He loves you in this season.

      Jesus, thank you for deepening Jess’ faith and renewing her mind, and for waking her up to life again. I ask that you would complete your healing in her whole body, and reverse all damage caused by the eating disorder. I also thank you, Lord, for the things you will reveal to Jess about herself, and about who you are in this season. I pray that you would draw Jess into new levels of intimacy, and pour out the richness of your love on her. Purify her mind and thoughts completely so that she is secure in who you have created her to be, and fully activated to accomplish the dreams you have placed in her heart.

  116. Dario

    Due to unfortunate events from my childhood I have been left with terrible teeth, please pray that my teeth get fixed and that I can finally have a perfect teeth and smile with confidence.

    Thank you

    • Dario, I am praying for complete healing of your teeth, and a healing peace over the emotional wounds of your past. Blessings in Jesus’ name!

  117. Chelsea

    This is so encouraging! I sit here and type this with teeth pain, I have one in the front that has a visible hole in the side and many in the back that just ache and that I’m sure have cavities too. I have savier anxiety to the point of me fearing to leave my home and doctors are up there with the top things I’m terrified of. I thank God for along me to stumble apone this blog and for along me to know how to read words so that I can see all the miricals that He has accomplished. Could y’all please prey for me? That I see healing in my mouth and my mothers cause she has the same issues and the same fears ( just may be not to my extent) please?

    • Chelsea, I pray Jesus would heal you completely, replace your anxiety with His unfathomable peace, and bless your mother with the same inner and physical healing. May you be blessed above and beyond your expectations!

  118. Tom

    The inspiration I’ve found here is beyond belief. Due to struggling with severe depression for many years, I neglected my oral hygiene. Excessive amounts of energy drinks exacerbated the situation. I now have small cavities on several of my teeth including on one of my front teeth, and one of my incisors has blackened at the top. Now that God has given me the strength to fight through my mental issues, I would say that my oral hygiene is better than most and I have made huge dietary changes. Yet I am a full-time student and physically cannot afford dental treatment. I am even having difficulty finding an NHS dental practice accepting new patients (UK). I would appreciate your prayers more than you could possibly know. Praise be to God.

    • Tom, Praise God that He has been helping you through your mental issues! What a testimony! I pray He would also heal your teeth, and bless you financially in Jesus’ name! Philippians 1:6 comes to mind as I am praying for you: “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” I pray for the Lord to continue His good work in making you whole and well, and that you would prosper in every area of your life–body, soul, and spirit!

  119. Ruth

    I have a cavities and also my last tooth is going to erupt . I could not chew the food properly. I feel severe pain while I was eating. I believe God can heal all my pain. Please pray for me.

    • Jesus, heal Ruth completely and miraculously. Take away the pain, heal every cavity, and restore every tooth and gum in your name Jesus!

      • Ruth

        Thank you Theresa for your prayer. I believe Jesus will heal all my pain. Pray for me to put a trust on Him.

      • Ruth

        Theresa I have a worst pain than before. This evening I have gone to the dentist. She has suggested to undergo root canal treatment. But I don’t afford to go all this treatment, I don’t have money. Please help me in prayer to Jesus Christ

        • Oh no! I’m praying for you, Ruth!

          Jesus, please cover Ruth in your peace and protection. Heal her teeth now in your name, and take away all her pain. I also pray that you would give her discernment about the right course of action to take in caring for her teeth, and that you would provide for her financially and meet her every physical need.

  120. I need prayers, I have lost so many teeth and want the ones I still have to be healed and restored fully. PLEASE RAY FOR ME.

    I have lost so many teeth they are rotten, I need prayers to be healed and fully restored. And also I have depression because of this. Thank you. Puleng from South Africa

    • Jesus, please restore Pleng’s mouth to full health, and bring your peace and joy in place of this depression! I ask, Jesus, that you would grow back the lost teeth by your miracle power, and reverse every rot and decay in your name Jesus!

  121. Suzanne

    Please pray for my teeth to be completely restored. All of them. I am desperate for a dental miracle. I’ve needed one for a long time.

  122. Joseph

    I have dental issues with a lost and broken tooths with a lot of cavities mostly in upper side. My biting and pain had gotten worse with being bothered with. I could not afford dental care with having low income. Please pray for me to have my teeth restored to what I have faith to heal for a long wait.

    • Lord Jesus, heal Joseph’s teeth: take away his pain, heal his cavities, restore his teeth, and provide for his physical needs. May he be blessed in your name Jesus!

  123. Kevin

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. I am really encouraged by it. I have a painful cavity on one of my molar’s while the other one broke of. I am trusting the Lord Jesus on the filling of the cavity and a new tooth to replace the broken one. I thank the Lord Jesus even before it happens. Please believe with me.

    • Kevin, I am believing with you for complete healing of your teeth in Jesus’ name! Pain, leave now! Holy Spirit, heal and restore Kevin’s teeth fully! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your creative miracles!

  124. KATJA

    I had a very bad gum infection. My gums are still a bit red now, but aren’t completely healed yet and they are also a bit swollen. I’m scared that i could have periodontal disease but I also know that I must trust in the Lord to be healed. Please pray for me that God strengthens my faith and heals me.

    Thank you

    • Jesus, heal KATJA’s gums completely, and give her wisdom and peace about what she’s dealing with, your plan of healing, and how to care for her gums for preventative health.

  125. elena mendoza

    this happened to me too!!! i asked got to heal my cavity and one day i just noticed i had no pain when chewing anymore,i also had forgotten about my rant to god(i was angry when i asked him) and my faith in a god was slowly diminishing at the time,but he was listening to me and he healed it!! i was in completely in awe ,i still am,nothing like this has ever happened to me before,i just know it was him,i havent gone to the dentist to see if its filled or anything but i dont need to ,its healed!!!:)

    • Awesome, Elena!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love how the Lord listens to us, and will show us His grace, even when we are not deserving. It is encouraging to hear your testimony of His love and grace!

  126. Theo Bailey

    I am thrilled to hear how God healed your cavity. Extreme dental phobia and pregnancy toothache (with no dentist)left me with a problematic tooth that had extensively decayed. It can’t be crowned and neither does it look right but endodontist allowed me to keep it. Please pray to the Lord, for me, that he can help improve the appearance and structure of this tooth. My prayers aren’t working and I am filled daily with terrible depression that I didn’t get myself to as dentist sooner. Please help me.

    • Theo Bailey, I pray that all guilt would leave you in Jesus’ name, and that you would be overwhelmed by His love, peace, and healing presence. Jesus, please heal your daughter, Theo, and restore her tooth to perfect health in appearance, structure, and wholeness. Guide her in caring for her teeth so that her oral health stays in alignment with you; and bring peace and wisdom in dealing with all dental matters.

  127. Mark

    Like several others I also have had a bad past experience with a dentist. I also may need to get several extractions and I would like to pray for my teeth to be fully healed.

  128. Phenomena

    What prayers did you pray? PLEASE help me! I have a cavity and I am so afraid if needles it’s not even funny. I cried so much when I found out… So please help me! I have prayed and prayed and my appointment is next Tuesday! And it’s Thursday night! (:”( someone please help me. I’m so anxious and upset

    • Phenomena, there is not a healing prayer formula. I just asked the Lord simply to take care of my teeth, and He did. I pray in the same way for you now: Lord, touch and heal this new friend’s teeth, and remove all anxiety and angst about going to the dentist on Tuesday. I ask Holy Spirit that your presence would come fully in peace and healing in Jesus’ name!

  129. Please help! I have a cavity and I have to get it filled in next Tuesday! And it’s Thursday! I an deathly afraid of needles! Like screaming and crying afraid! I’m so terrified! Please tell me what prayers you Saud and please keep me in your prayers! I’m so upset and terrified….. please help…

    • Maryn, I’m praying for you! (I see your email is the same as above, but will add a couple more words…) Be blessed with the Lord’s healing and peace. He is our divine comforter, and loves you with an intense love that drives out all fear.

  130. Melissa

    I had a filling done. I have sensitivity now. My dentist said it is normal and she’s going to monitor it for a month. By that she meant I am going to see if I still have it in a month and if I do come back. She said if I still have the sensitivity it may need a root canal. It is right in the front of my mouth and I do not want a root canal. I went searching for the web for people who’ve had similar issues and got healing. I want that healing. I’ve been praying, it’s been a little over a week and nothing fully yet but can you believe and pray for me. I pray you see this. Your testimony encouraged me. I know God can do this.

  131. George

    The dentist was working on my teeth when he suspected something had gone wrong, but he didn’t inform me about it and continued working. On my next visit he confirmed that something had gone wrong and all the work he had done after his suspicion was useless and would have to be redone.. I already paid for some of that work and am on the books for the rest of it (thousands of dollars). I don’t think that is fair because if he had told me about his suspicion and asked for permission to keep working I probably would have said no. I don’t see what I can do about it without putting myself in a bind. Please pray for me Theresa.

    • George

      I got my money back, but my treatment is stalled because I can’t decide what to do. Should I go to another dentist who could be worse or should I stay with the same dishonest dentist?

      • George,

        Trust your intuition–it is one of the ways the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. It sounds like you would be more comfortable continuing with another dentist, and that’s the route I would take as well. It’s important to be able to trust those giving us medical attention. As you pray about how to continue, the Lord will guide you. Pay attention to what the Spirit is speaking, and whether or not He is giving you peace as an affirmation of your decisions.

        I pray also for your healing, in Jesus’ name!

        • George

          Thanks Theresa, I was able to make a decision. I feel like I am on the verge of more calamity with my teeth. I suspect these teeth problems are going to continue until I have a deeper relationship with Jesus so that is something I would appreciate your prayer on.

  132. Elizabeth Yupoi

    TQ for your testimony Teresa…At least it gives me hopes & courage …My teeth are in really bad condition…All of them are decaying now ever since I underwent chemotherapy & radiotherapy on my neck due to  my nasal cancer 5 years ago…I cant afford for dental treatment anymore …The dentist had done fillings on some of my teeth but unfortunately I cannot afford to do fillings for the rest of them  because the cost for dental treatment is extremely expensive….I don’t know what to do…Therefore I’m hoping for miracle from the Lord to help renew my teeth… If you could pray for my teeth, I will be very thankful…TQ & may God bless u…Amen

  133. Natayla

    I had never had a cavity until my teen years, I remember having bad luck everyday. I noticed I had a bunch of cavities I was so scared to go to the dentist, I’ll rather do anything else in the world. Today as I got older it became worse, no matter how much I pray nothing works, I know that God is there but where? I don’t even know where my bad luck came from but nothing makes it better. But I try everything I could and my cavities gotten worst, and worst. I can’t afford a filling I can’t ask for much but please, I need help. This would mean the a lot to me. Just imagine you had a bunch of cavities, but nothing/no one is helping you. Please I beg for you to help, if you could pray for my teeth, your an amazing person God will thank you for helping. Even if it’s little it is still something. May God bless you and your family, Amen.

  134. pooja

    Hello, please please pray for my teeth. I have had many cavities filled and when i went to the dentist they said there are more teeth that needs to be filled. I was depressed for many days because of it. I now want lord to grant me a miracle by restoring my teeth. Thank you so much.

  135. I also have lost a teeth already and my other teeth are filled with pasta or cement to cover it up. But i dont any of it. I am very sorry that i didnt take good care of my teeth. I ask for healing and complete restoration of my teeth.

    Losing one teeth has affect the way my face shape looks
    It looks out of balance and I am only 18 .

    I have bern praying for years

    I have been crying for years too

    Please pray for me

    Please let God hear me

    I am sorry and have regretted my actions in the past of neglecting my teeth

    Please pray with me

  136. connie

    please pray for me. I am wanting to keep all the teeth i have which isn’t alot. And periodontists are saying i may lose more. Also if God could give me new teeth where it’s missing as well as fix cavities and cracks on teeth and severe bone loss and gum recession.

    • Lord Jesus, restore the health and strength of Connie’s teeth and gums. Repair every crack and cavity, and regrow the teeth that are missing, just as you did for so many people within the Azusa Revival in the early 1900s. Thank you Father God that your miraculous work continues today through your Spirit. Please bless Connie today with your healing, in Jesus’ mighty name.

  137. Shibila

    Pls pray for me. I lost almost 10 tooth.again cavity is there so I depressed. I can’t speak with my husband and my son because am fear about my teeth. Now am not happy.i can’t share others also.so pls plssss pray for me…..

  138. Ismail

    Praise God members I need ur prayers my teeth are in bad condition and have serious gum disease and when ever i brush blood comes out of my teeth and most of my teeth are chopped off I need Jesus Devine healing Amen

  139. Pat

    I just turned 80 and even through taking care of my teeth, I now have a loose upper denture, no molars at all, and now one of my bottom teeth on the end will need to be pulled, I’m upset cause I need that end tooth . Thank you.

  140. Anita

    I am experiencing tooth and jaw pain. My dentist is unable to see anything wrong and I dont know what else to do. I am asking for prayer to heal this pain as it is affecting my every day life. I am also troubled with anxiety and need to feel gods presence and peace.

  141. Hannah

    Blessings in Yeshuas joy dear sister for sharing amazing healing encouragement and may He increase your joy by seeing others healed through your witness for Him and prayers for others to share what you experienced. Id humbly be so grateful for divine dental work as i wont have root canals but dont want to lose any as i love the scripture in Song of Solomon about all the sheep being there and up from washing for the glory and delight of our beloved bridegroom. I would especially love my dentist who is jewish to witness a miracle so he can believe in his living messiah Yeshua. Glory! Amen!

  142. Christie

    Please pray for me. Im a teen and was told there’s a 90% chance I to get a root canal and two other forming cavities. I also have countless other cavities due to not brushing well as a kid. I am extremely terrified and the cavities are making me extremely unconfident. However I believe that god will help if I trust in him. I am now very grateful for my teeth and take care of my teeth with care and dillgence.

  143. Shannon

    I’m 16 and have a lot of cavities. One of them is very deep i think and while brushing , it shifted a little. Ive had discomfort on my tooth and i don’t want to go to the dentist as im scared. So im praying and believing god will reverse whatever damage is there in my mouth. Pls pray for me

    • Bonnie

      Shannon, please go to a dentist. You are so young, and a good dentist can probably stabilize your tooth/teeth. They can also advise on ways to keep them healthier. I very much hope you will go!

  144. Rosemary

    Pls ma I need prayer all my teeth are rotten and decayed it is causing me so much shame and I can’t chew properly , I want God to heal my teeth cos I believe that there is nothing he cannot do .Amen

  145. Bonnie

    What if God works THROUGH dentists and doctors? But you have to find one you can trust – best way through someone you know and trust who has had a dentist they like for a long time.

    If God just wanted our teeth to be fine, why wouldn’t he have made them indestructible? I don’t have the answers, but I think if God’s involved in this, this is the way He wants it. (Although I would love to know why.) I, too, have bad teeth, and while I wish I would miraculously wake up with new, healthy ones, so far it hasn’t happened. So I have to drag myself to the dentist.

    Maybe miracles ARE coming – down the road. They’re always working on growing new teeth, and I think on a vaccine to stop the virus that causes decay. If you can afford the dentist, PLEASE let one care for you (a good one).

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you for your comment. While I agree that there is a place for medical professionals—and you’ll note that my experience was documented by going to the dentist—we do have to be careful to work with God’s perfect design instead of against it. He has given us what we need to take care of our teeth and our bodies, and medical professionals can play a role in helping us with that, but have limited wisdom.

      Your comment insinuates that God’s design is flawed (“why wouldn’t he have made [our teeth] indestructible?”), but that man can and will eventually performs “miracles” by manipulating and improving upon God’s design (through science and vaccines). This theology is blasphemous because it is putting man above God instead of in partnership and submission under God. The truth is that God’s design is perfect, but that the moment sin entered the world, our iniquity has physically impacted the natural order of creation. We cannot prevent bad things (sickness, disaster) from occurring, but we can partner with God in the process of restoration.

      God’s miracles always clearly point to Him, and there are many, even in our day. Regarding teeth regrowth miracles, there are some well documented cases from the Azusa Street Revival in Southern California in the early 1900s (rotten teeth falling out, and new ones coming in!). But be careful to call something a miracle if it involves working against God’s design. In the case of vaccines, most are using ingredients that are detestable to God (such as those grown from aborted fetal cells, or containing the blood of unclean animals), along with toxic ingredients (such as aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde), all in an effort to “trick” the body. It is a process that is attempting to thwart and manipulate the immune system God designed, which is something I cannot support.


  146. Bonnie

    Hi, Theresa, I tend to look at it this way: Just as you and I give our kids things that will engage and stimulate their minds, so does God with us. So problems like cavities and other things exist so that humans can use science, etc. Eating candy isn’t a sin, although as many of us find out, it’s not great for teeth. I don’t believe in original sin, but I do believe humans make mistakes and do commit crimes (eating a candy cane is a lot different than murder, obviously) and God knows that. So he gives us thing like dentists and doctors and teachers and all. The polio vaccine was possibly a combo of miracle and extreme scientific knowledge. I do like your notion of us partnering with God.

    • Original sin is a pivotal part of the Gospel message: A humanistic perspective acknowledges that people make bad decisions, and uses education (training) and control (rules/laws) to help people get-it-together. While “original sin” as a doctrine enters the church through Augustine, the biblical paradigm of sin causing distance between God and man has always been at the center of the Gospel message. If humans can simply be trained to do the right thing, we do not need a Savior. If humans can be controlled through civil and spiritual laws, sacrifice is not necessary. God in His grace gave the Hebrew people laws for every aspect of how to live. But these laws were never intended for spiritual salvation, and following the laws did not cause the hearts of the people to be in righteous position with God. At the exact right time, God sent His Son, Jesus, as a man incarnate to die for the salvation of the world. This was necessary because sin was brought into the world through man, and needed to also be propitiated by a man. When Jesus was killed and resurrected, He repaired the chasm between God and humanity so that we can live in right relationship with God.

      The first sin brought consequences to the whole world, which, beyond our issues with God and our perception of Him, particularly include the areas of agriculture (trouble producing food, and knowing what is good to eat), fertility (trouble conceiving), shame (trouble accepting ourselves and our humanity), life/death (the desire to grow younger, and prevent death), and the reaction of the land against us (weather patterns/natural disasters). These are also the areas humanity strives to control, manipulate, and “play god” in today. Instead of dealing with our sin through repentance (changing our hearts and actions) and reconciliation to God, we want to take away the consequences of sin (live for ourselves without consequences).

      We don’t have problems so that we can use science; we have science as a form of worship in recognizing how amazing God is that He designed the world so intentionally.

  147. Bonnie

    Also, I think you misunderstand vaccines. I’m not a scientist, but I think they work more by stimulating an immune response, and I really don’t think they contain aborted fetal cells. The small pox vaccine – discovered by a farmer – was from blood or tissue/something taken from milkmaids who’d survived.

    • In the instance of vaccines, we are starting with an assumption that the immune system we are born with is not enough to prevent disease. Thus, we need to improve upon God’s design, and manipulate our bodies to respond differently (develop better immunity). If we choose to be vaccinated, our trust is not in God as our provider and healer, but in the vaccine itself to “save us” from future disease. Why do I call this a manipulation? Why can’t we see it as recognizing that our bodies create a reaction when we add xyz to it? To me the distinction is both intention and method. We are rejecting how we were created, and intending to improve upon God’s (implied) faulty design. Moreover, we are bypassing the immune system in order to change it: Our skin is one of our first lines of defense, yet we pierce the epidermis to put foreign substances right into our bodies. Toxic adjuvants are some of the ingredients required to stimulate the immune response. This is in every way a manipulation. (Ironically our word “pharmacy” is derived from the Greek work pharmakeia meaning sorcery. I do not believe all pharmaceuticals are sorcery, but vaccines are an obvious manipulation of the body.)

      I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, but from a spiritual position even if vaccines were safe and effective (and if you dig into the history there’s a lot to uncover there), they are in direct defiance to God; and that is the point that matters most to me.

  148. Bonnie

    Going on, it was when the farmer or doctor (farmer/doctor???) realized that milkmaids who’d been exposed to cowpox didn’t get smallpox. So he took fluid from pox blisters on cows, injected them into people who were then safe from smallpox, and smallpox we subsequently pretty much eradicated. (Sorry for misremembering.)

    • There are many stories of accidental discoveries and breakthroughs. This one is certainly interesting history (the story begins even earlier than Edward Jenner experimenting with cowpox), but the full story is that the smallpox vaccine was one of the most dangerous vaccines ever created. Earlier Christians even had hymns speaking against this particular vaccine. It’s well known that many people have died from the vaccine, while countless others have had serious and often permanent reactions. My point is simply that this doesn’t sound like a miracle from God!

  149. Bonnie

    P.S. I’m all for asking God for help with teeth. I do it myself. But I also go to the dentist – and take better care of my teeth now – because that’s how it seems to work right now. That may be part of partnering with God, yes? It just makes me sad to see people not getting the help they might from a dentist. (Of course, there’s still the issue of how expensive dental care is, but that’s a whole other thing.) Anyway, sorry for taking up so much space.

    • Yep. There is nothing wrong with your heart of compassion to see others healed. And as I’ve stated elsewhere, dentists and doctors can absolutely be a part of the healing process (so long as our faith and expectation in their work is not misplaced). God is the only one with the power to truly heal. Man can soften the symptoms and create temporary fixes.

  150. Bonnie

    Also, please don’t throw around the word “blasphemy.” My hunch is there are far more serious things that God would consider blasphemy than some little human wondering what the heck He was thinking when He designed teeth.

    • Let’s talk about the difference between partnering with God and blasphemy. For me the key elements are: 1) Where are we placing our faith (in God or in man)? 2) Is God glorified through whatever finding, practice, or activity? 3) Is humanity attempting to manipulate God’s design, or working with His design? 4) Does it violate God’s word? Is it accomplished in sin? Does it hurt others (people, animals, environment)?

      The reason I addressed your comment and intentionally called your statement blasphemy is because this is indeed a serious issue. Asking the questions is great. We should ask all the questions, even the hard ones that could potentially draw us away from God. The Bible tells us to seek out God and seek out wisdom. However, your comment idolized the medical establishment in a way that could be a stumbling block for others (if not also yourself). You essentially say that miracles are coming in the form of humanity’s advancements. This is a blasphemous statement because it is pointing at what is God’s (miracles) and calling it man’s. We should not be misled in thinking that mentioning God in association with man’s advances makes it any less a human achievement.

      Christians (often inspired by God) have had a huge role in science throughout the centuries, and I see the scientific method and mathematics as God’s languages to us in discovering His creation, and in learning to submit to Him, so that the land can submit to us. However, there has been a shift toward “scientism” in this day of having blind faith in the medical establishment, where method and research is no longer valued, and scientists/doctors have been elevated as able to bring physical salvation. When we consider why it was wrong for man to build the Tower of Babel in unity with each other, we can perhaps recognize we are attempting the same feat. I think there is a high possibility that humans will achieve some of the ultimate evils in the “last days” before Jesus returns, including “breakthroughs” in understanding human life. These will be received by the world, as well as some who call themselves Christians, but will not glorify God.

      Jesus is after your heart. He does care how you respond to Him. You are not a little human to Him, but His love and delight. Let the truth set you free. Maybe you will experience your first outright miracle soon?

  151. Bonnie

    This is a lot to take in and mull over so it may take me a week or so, but I don’t think we’re that far apart on many things. In fairness, the first thing I said was what if God works through doctors and dentists – not that they were gods. Meanwhile, thank you for your thoughtful answers.

    • Thanks. I pray you found this dialog helpful.

      I haven’t been actively blogging in years, but kept the blog live for archival purposes. I’ve decided to close commenting now.

      Blessings to you and all who may read this.

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