Holy Spirit Conference, ICLV


Ben and I returned last night from six days in Las Vegas for the Holy Spirit Conference at the International Church of Las Vegas (ICLV).  We had an excellent time.  Hundreds of people received physical healing from the Lord.

Although there were many great messages, my favorite speaker was Heidi Baker.  Her and her husband, Rolland, are missionaries in Mozambique and have experienced the supernatural side of God’s love and provision in amazing ways.  They’ve seen food multiplied, deaf ears opened, the dead raised, the sick healed, and countless other miracles.  But more impressively, Heidi carries the Holy Spirit so strongly that He is heard in her words and physically seen in her countenance.

As Heidi spoke, one theme keep coming up: how much do we want to know Him?  How much do we want His presence?

“The hungry always get fed”, she said, “how hungry are we?” (Isaiah 55)


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  1. Glenn

    I was there firtst arrived walk in to this lady on the floor. Not sure what i walked in to thought of leaving yet stayed. Her sermon on Hebrews 13 captured me. Hear of Rolland being healed about Mozambique last year i was bless to go there spend time with orphans a village and walk to the dump she talked about eashed away ftom rain afterreturn. Am so glad to read about your vist
    It is the only mention of this one

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