Review of The Screwtape Letters Audio Drama by Focus on the Family


This is a guest post by my husband, Ben.

Recommended. C.S. Lewis’ classic radio presentation made best-selling book is now available through Focus on the Family in a chilling audio dramatization!

The Screwtape Letters is true classic.  Having never read the book, I found this to be a powerful listening experience.  It has really changed the way I think about the demonic realm!  While I’ve been familar with spiritual warfare for awhile now and am aware of some of the ways the devil schemes against us, this book brought my awareness to a whole new level.  The book is fictional and should be treated as such, but it’s possible that reality isn’t too different.  It has certainly given me something to think about.

Perhaps the most important thing that can be learned from this book is that the demonic realm has no friends.  Those who think Hell will be a party among friends will be sadly disappointed.

In this audio rendition the actors and background music really brought this to life.  The only downside was the bonus musical soundtrack.  The lyrics were superficial at best, definitely not matching up to the depth and brilliance of C.S. Lewis’ work.

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