Many Will Be Deceived


Deception is the number one sign Jesus told His believers to look for in recognition of His second coming–deception not in the world, but among believers, even the elite.  Warnings against such deception are also strongly proclaimed by the apostles and appear in almost every book of the New Testament–both as something to come and as a rebuke to those churches in which it had already started.  This isn’t a small thing; it’s something ALL Christians are affected by, whether they are interested in theology or not.  Christians had better be on the alert, asking the Lord to test and refine their hearts, that they may not be deceived.

So in what areas may we have formed a wrong worldview?  What are we sure about that we have never tested?  How much of our faiths are based in personal revelation and knowledge and how much from social or church tradition?

It’s so easy to see problems in other denominations, churches, and peoples; we had better also be praying into the refining of our own faiths.  Those who assume their theology and traditions are solid are often the same who are being mislead.  But the Lord will continue to reveal Himself to those who are hungry for Him and fear His ways.


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