Prayers for Pakistan


A few days ago I received a nice email from a group of pastors in Pakistan requesting prayers for their ministries. It’s always exciting to me to intercede for Christians in other nations, especially when I have the personal contact to know how to pray.

Please pray with me for a mighty move of God in Pakistan:

  • that God would strengthen these pastors and their ministries
  • for supernatural protection for these congregations, especially Pastors S, B, Y, and N
  • that they would be encouraged by the presence and power of God and the fellowship of the body
  • that the Lord would connect them to many other Christians internationally
  • that the Lord would continue to reveal Himself to them and give them wisdom
  • that their prayer group would experience a new level of God’s presence and revelation
  • for a fresh outpouring of joy and boldness as they share the gospel
  • for creativity in all their work
  • for more and more people to recognize Jesus as Lord and love Him with their lives
  • for the Christians in Pakistan to be connected and unified with each other
  • for them to be blessed with both spiritual and physical provisions
  • that God’s work in this nation would extend to its fullest extent
  • that the Christians in Pakistan would be an example to surrounding nations, encouraging them and propelling them in their faiths