Review of Bible Detective by Peter Martin illus. Peter Kent


Genre: Children’s Book/Puzzle Book


Bible Detective is a Bible puzzle book, similar in style to the Where’s Waldo? books that were very popular when I was a kid. Each double page view shows a time period in biblical history from Noah (Gen 6-9) to the port of Caesarea (Acts 21-28). The illustrations are compact, with lots of details, but are also clear enough to see without straining (some of those Where’s Waldo? pictures were pretty intense). This book shouldn’t give anyone a headache, but does provide a good challenge. There are multiple images to find on each page (23-65 objects depending on the scene), with answers in the back for those who get stuck. Most of the images to find demonstrate a historical or biblical message (e.g. find two children who are separated from their parents during the Assyrian attack, or, find Jesus turning the tables in the Temple courtyard). There is also a “wily fox” to find in every scene.

I was also very impressed with the blurbs of text on each scene: they are concise, teachable, descriptions of the historical and biblical context of each picture. I really think children or teens could learn something while reading this; and, of course, the pictures are fun to find too.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications.