Review of Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn


Genre: Romance

Series: Book Three in the Glenbrooke Series


After reading the first book of the Glenbrooke Series, I was interested to read more from Robin Jones Gunn. Echoes introduces the new character of Lauren Phillips (Wren), a recently heartbroken romantic, who is hoping love will come right to her door. When her brother sets her up with an old computer, the nontechnical Wren develops an unexpected email relationship, which grows into a budding romance. The majority of the story is not set in Glenbrooke, which surprised me, but it does creatively connect with Glenbrooke as the story weaves along, making a great addition to the series.

The beginning of Echoes was a bit slow for me, and I was unsure where the story was going; but it soon picked up, and exceeded my expectations. I think the careful start actually accelerated the romantic intensity toward the finish. I found the end quite romantic, and the various twists in the plot kept me on edge. I also enjoyed the way the story connected back with the familiar Glenbrooke characters.

This Christian series is light, romantic, has great, relatable characters, and is the sort of refreshing read that soothes and encourages.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah.