Crazy (Prophetic?) Superbowl


Superbowl Sunday is one of the great American holidays that I typically ignore. But as a Washingtonian at heart, I had to see how my home-team would compete. (Can I be a “fan” if I only watch the last game of the season? I won’t pretend I remember all the player’s names.)

The Superbowl is one of the times when so many Americans are focused on the same thing all at once that it becomes a sort of spiritual experience, with the halftime show and commercials a revelation of the state of our nation (for better or, usually, worse). And then there’s the game itself… I wonder how much God speaks to us through stuff like this? It seems frequent. I won’t say that I know what God is saying, or what the game means; but it feels significant to me that both teams received a last minute miracle.

Do we know that God is for people, giving each of us the miracles we will receive? Fans of each team may be praying to win games, but I don’t think God works like that. I think it’s more like His blessings are available without prejudice and part of the process is that we take those opportunities and make the play.

I was floored when Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse caught the ball even after he’d fallen. I had had a brief impression in the third quarter that the Patriots would have to win (I felt it was something about the team’s name, though that was just the feeling I had); so when the Seahawks made their way down the field I had hope that they would still win. With so little time left, the Patriots’ end of the game interception by Malcolm Butler was even more unbelievable. I believe God was working on both sides to give each player incredible opportunities.

After the game an interviewer asked Butler why he was so emotional, and he described how he’d had a vision that he would make a big play and was so blessed that it had come true (I wish I could find the full clip). Super touching, right?! Despite rooting for the Seahawks, I was moved by Butler’s humility and emotion.

Whether or not we can call this game “prophetic,” I felt like there was much to “hear” through it. We should listen for God to speak to us through abnormal situations and events, and watch for the opportunities the Lord is giving to step into new blessings in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Crazy (Prophetic?) Superbowl

  1. Lillith

    Theresa, thank you for such a wonderful commentary. I prayed for Seattle to win, but also prayed that God would be glorified through the events of the day. I could hardly believe that move by Kearse. I wonder, though, whether perhaps the whole point of the game was to give Mathews a chance to shine. We may never know… but this blog certainly answers my prayer, as it glorifies God.

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