Different parts of the body


Some months ago, I found myself comparing myself to another Christian.  I began to feel like my gifts weren’t as useful as hers, and coveted the skill set of my dear friend.  Then the Holy Spirit immediately spoke to me, giving me this illustration:

The Lord is creating His body to be like a buffet table of choice desserts.  There are cakes, and cookies, and pastries, and pies–desserts of every kind!  And within each type is are many unique varieties; not one dessert is exactly the same though some are more similar to others while some are quite unique.

Each recipe has its own unique ingredients–some are more basic, while others exotic.  And each must be made in a particular order so that it can come out just perfectly.  It would be a terrible mistake for one to get sugar prematurely, or too much flour, or to be baked as a bare pan…

You, beloved, cannot compare yourself to another because your recipe is entirely different.  Only the Lord knows the recipe, and it’s Him who is preparing you.  Have faith!  Stop resisting and objecting to His perfect plan!