Review of There is More: Reclaiming the Power of Impartation by Randy Clark


Genre: Spiritual Growth/Biography


Randy Clark is best known for his prominent influence in the Toronto Blessing–the revival in Canada in the 1990s. Now that we are some time from the event of the Toronto Blessing, Clark shares his testimony, and the testimonies of others regarding the work of the Spirit, especially in regard to the impartation of the Holy Spirit during and after this occurrence. He writes, “I am writing this book to answer the question, ‘Where’s the fruit?’ I am responding to the critics because there has been time for those who were so powerfully touched to bring to the Master the sheaves of their harvest” (152). This statement adequately describes the purpose of most of the book. As one who is not so familiar with the Toronto Blessing, or even his ministry, Global Awakening, I found it very interesting to get ‘behind the scenes’ with Randy to discover his background (turns out he began as a Baptist) and the huge ways the Lord has used and anointed him in ministry. He also gives countless testimonies from others who experienced an anointing of supernatural power, deeper intimacy with God and exciting new manifestations of the Holy Spirit after receiving impartation at the Toronto Blessing.

A smaller portion of the book (the beginning and end) dealt with the material I expected to read. That is, the history and biblical basis for impartation, a good definition of impartation, and how we can prepare our spirits to receive this gift of grace. While his writing is succinct and informative, there is a lot he didn’t go into; I think another book could be written on impartation itself, and I’m not sure the sub-title truly fits the content of this book. Overall though, this is a book of powerful words and awesome testimonies: an inspiring read!