Miracles Among the Homeless


I have been so encouraged in watching the mighty works of the Lord through my good friend as she (and now others with her) minister to the homeless in our area.

She started passing out lunches to homeless people–no big thing, in her mind–which moved into also eating lunch with the homeless, and eventually–to her surprise–became a larger thing: other people wanting to come and share in what the Lord is doing, others (even local businesses) donating food, clothing, and such to the “ministry” and still more coming to minister outright. The ministry is still young, but already they have had opportunities to lead people to know Jesus, and to see signs and wonders as He demonstrates His love among them. Here are a couple accounts of the miracles that have taken place among them:

Not too long ago, as they gathered, homeless people continued coming to them, so that they didn’t have enough food. But they read one of the stories of Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes, prayed over the meal, and as they served the food, they witnessed it multiplying. The Lord provided so much that just as in the biblical accounts they had leftovers–even though there was not enough in the beginning. (And hungry people don’t exactly eat meager portions if they can help it.)  There was more than enough!

Another day, my friend put too much water in the coffee, and by the time they noticed, it was too late to fix it. She reports that it tasted TERRIBLE–more like water than coffee–but as her and another gal watched the homeless people drinking it down, they apologized to one man that it was so bad, and he responded in surprise. It was very strong coffee, he said, and very good. The Lord had changed hot water into strong coffee, and they hadn’t even asked for it. God knows what we need!

Miracles like these aren’t rare. One homeless man shared that God always supplies his needs. One time, he told them, he asked God for something very specific, and when he opened the dumpster, he found it right on top! When needs are prevalent, and faith is childlike, miracles happen.

I love you dear friend.  Thank you for walking faithfully before the Lord.  You have shown me that signs and wonders follow obedience and humility regardless of our expectations. 🙂