Review of Is the Bible Reliable? by Focus on the Family


Genre: Multimedia/Apologetics

Series: True U

Highly Recommended!

Is the Bible Reliable? is a ten part DVD curriculum building the case for the reliability of the Bible as a historical document. It is the second in the line of Focus on the Family’s True U series, which take the viewer into the university classroom to explore various aspects of the biblical worldview.

These DVDs look specifically at whether archeological, historical, and anthropological evidence correspond with the events, persons, and places described in the Bible. The first six lessons look at the Old Testament: the documentary hypothesis, the validity of the Israelites as a distinctive people group that left Egypt for Canaan and took military conquest of the inhabitants of that land, the kingdoms of David and Solomon, and the Babylonian conquest of Judah. The next four sessions focused on the New Testament: the transmission of the Bible, evidence for the early composition of the synoptic gospels and Acts, and the significant corroboration of external evidence to the biblical account.

I was impressed with the amount of solid discussion in each 30 minute episode. This series offers a great jumping off point for further research and discussion into the historical aspects of the Bible. It was also well presented and easy to follow. I think it would be a great resource for an academically focused small group or college group, and would probably even benefit younger teens (depending on their interest and aptitude).

This set comes with two DVDs of ten 30 minute sessions and a discussion guide. The discussion guide has a fill-in-the-blank activity and a matching activity for every section to help solidify the main points, and has various blurbs and comics as well. If I was leading a small group of this study, I would try to get everyone their own discussion book.

I received a complimentary copy of this product as a part of the Tyndale Blog Network.