Review of The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan


Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure

Series: Book Two of the Homelanders Series


The Homelanders Series continues with this second book as teen hero and fleeing fugitive Charlie West makes his way home to investigate the murder he was falsely charged with and to re-connect with his girlfriend, Beth. The action and suspense climax along with the character development as the confused and amnesic Charlie tries to figure out who he is, who the good guys are, and what he should do next.

This was one of my favorite books of the series because the budding romance added another layer to the story, and also because it ended neatly with some resolutions despite the remaining mysteries.

This book, unfortunately, didn’t have a Reading Group Guide as the previous and latter books do. With all the books in this series, I think there is an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss the book and it’s elements with their teenage readers. And certainly, this book, which delves deeply into questions of identity, morality, faith and patriotism, is an important one not to overlook.