Review of The Truth of the Matter by Andrew Klavan


Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure

Series: Book Three of the Homelanders Series


This third book of the Homelanders Series opens as Charlie West finds the man he’s been looking for–the one he believes will be able to fill him in on the gaps in his memory. But as Charlie is slowly able to piece together his memories, the plot thickens, and the adventure grows even more intense.

This series is really intended for teenage boys or tomboys (middle school-high school), but as a woman and mother, I found it to be enjoyable light reading. The stories should really be read in order as they build on each other, and I’d also recommend that parents of teenage readers use the Reading Group Guide to discuss the book further with their young adults since the stories provide an easy and excellent opportunity to talk about some very important issues including faith, morality, and patriotism.