Review of Waiting for Dawn by Susan May Warren


This is a guest review by my grandma, Beda Stewart.

Genre: Romance/Action/Novella


Department of Defense heroine, Lacey Galloway, spices up her predictable life by trekking overseas to rescue her MIA, secret crush, Sergeant First Class Jim Micah. Micah’s best friend and Lacey’s ex-boyfriend, Lieutenant John Montgomery, aids in the rescue, which stirs up Lacey’s heart and divides her feelings between the two men.

I enjoyed Waiting for Dawn, but was surprised it was so short. The story was fast paced and held my attention. I especially felt it was nice to be reading a fiction book that wove scripture into the plot; it was great to see references to God and his love interspersed between the story lines! Also, the characters obviously knew each other and had been in other books together. I enjoyed their chemistry and would enjoy reading more about their adventures together!

I also found it rather interesting to learn about the tribes and some of culture of Afghanistan since it is so much in the news today!  Warren’s descriptions really gave me an idea of what the land was like.

Furthermore, I appreciated that the romantic moments were real but not so in depth as in some of the secular romance novels. It’s nice to read a book with a Christian touch!! I’m excited to read some of her other books!

I received a complimentary digital ARC from the Tyndale Blog Network through NetGalley.