Review of The Candle Classic Bible


Genre: Children’s Bible


This is a great Bible for 7-12 year olds, depending on the child’s reading and comprehension level. Younger children may also enjoy being read the stories, but the realistic-looking pictures may not engage little ones as well as it would older “tweens” and “pre-teens.” There are 365 stories–one for every day of the year–with each story being only about half a page (one column). The stories are age appropriate, not overly detailed, and cohesively pull together the biblical chronology.

In fact, between the Old Testament (ending chronologically with Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the temple) and the New Testament (beginning with Zechariah and Elizabeth) is a story called, “Many Years of Trouble,” to tie those events together with a brief historical overview of the Roman conquest and the Jewish need for Messiah. I really appreciate this acknowledgement of the historical setting. Younger readers can use this Bible to grasp the full outline of Scripture, so that when they are ready to read the Scriptures for themselves, they will understand how it all fits together.

I also appreciate the quality of this Bible. The binding is excellent. The pictures are accurate, realistic, and look great. And overall, it is just a really well-made book. It would be perfect as a gift Bible (and it does include a presentation page for this purpose). The Table of Contents is also particularly well done: broad topics are in bold (e.g. The Story of Creation, The Story of Noah, and so on) and each daily story is listed underneath the overarching topic. The lives and ministries of key figures like Moses, David, and Jesus are broken down into many stories (days), while other figures/events have only a handful. It is hard to read only one story a day, since they fit together so well in telling the captivating story of our faith.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications.