Review of Related by Chance, Family by Choice by Deb DeArmond


Genre: Marriage and Family

Highly Recommended.

Deb DeArmond uses the biblical foundation of marriage to provide a helpful guide to navigating and improving the women-in-law (women-in-love) relationship. Some of the topics included are: love versus law, the biblical precedent of leaving and cleaving, strengthening communication, developing trust, setting boundaries, and helping the man-in-the-middle. Each chapter is engaging, succinct, and includes a self-assessment quiz, journal questions, and a Scripture-based prayer. The “workbook” area is especially good!

I was attracted to this book because I have been wanting to improve on demonstrating love to my MIL. We have a pretty good relationship, but I am a bit reserved and do not always know how to open up to show her the love I feel for her. This book did more than that for me–it has completely changed my perspective of the MIL/DIL dynamic. I feel I understand and love my MIL on an even deeper level after hearing DeArmond’s stories, wisdom, and completing the workbook sections at the end of each chapter. I only wish this had been a resource to me before or earlier on in our marriage!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kregel Publications.