Review of Restless DVD: Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen


Genre: DVD Curriculum Series/Christian Life/Inspirational

Loosely Recommended.

In eight 20ish minute sessions, passionate Bible teacher Jennie Allen encourages those who feel spiritually restless that God does have a purpose for their lives. The series begins with understanding our restlessness and God’s plan, then moves into discussion of our personal gifts, times of suffering/hurt, the places He has us, the people who surround us, our passions, and a closing of how this all fits together.

Each video session begins with participants from Allen’s female Bible study candidly sharing answers to questions as the camera cuts creatively from one to the next. Then the film delves into the core lesson where Jennie (in more of a lecture/sermon style than an interactive Bible study) tells stories, shares from the Bible (especially focusing on the story of Joseph), and preaches words of encouragement and inspiration. Allen’s story-telling is great, and is really the heart of the lesson.

Despite the content being very good, I felt like something was missing. I received this DVD for review by the publisher without the corresponding study guide, and I imagine the study guide would have made the difference. As it is I found the DVD only “okay”–I just was not emotionally/mentally prepared for each lesson or for the author’s very passionate lectures. The intensity, in fact, was a bit much for me; and the cohesion (probably brought together by the supplementary materials) was lacking.

Without knowing what the study guide and leader’s manual entails, I do not feel strongly enough about this series to recommend it, but I also expect that this may be a great video for any women’s (perhaps even men’s) Bible study using the DVD as supplementary material–that is, with an engaging lesson/discussion facilitated by a local teacher/leader, followed by this video as an encouraging “wrap up” of the “real” lesson.

I received a complimentary copy of this DVD from Thomas Nelson.