Review of With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden


Genre: Historical Romance


with every breath

Set in the late 1800s in Washington, D.C., Kate Livingston and Trevor McDonough had always been school-mate adversaries. Now as adults, Trevor has become a distinguished physician, while Kate (having lost the scholarship that was her only chance at college to Trevor) is struggling in a career that neither challenges or interests her.

When Trevor unexpectedly pursues Elizabeth to work alongside him in his research to cure tuberculosis, she jumps at the challenge, and their wit and competitiveness merge in an amusing chemistry. As their research is threatened by a reckless and anonymous “insider,” Kate is certain that Trevor’s mysterious past has something to do with their endangerment.

I loved reading this. Kate is a fiery, intellectual, strong-willed woman (not represented well by the cover picture); and Trevor is a private, equally strong-willed, introvert, gifted in his brilliance to perfect the world. The story’s depth and dynamic comes through as they each come to terms with their emotions and past wounds (especially with experiencing the death and illness of loved ones in their individual lives).

While faith is a more subtle piece of the story, the theme that love is tested in fire, and is not to be reserved just when circumstances are easy really stood out to me. I also appreciated the historical detail, fascinating period-appropriate medical information, and the compelling mystery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House.