First Day of School


There are several new elements in my life right now: a new look to my blog, new desires in my heart, a new fire in my spirit, and today is the first day of my third year of seminary!

I was a bit anxious for this school year because our university is moving from quarters to semesters–a conversion that is much needed, but which brings added confusion and temporary chaos for students and professors alike. Also, the new online structure is not quite a “semester”–it’s a rigorous seven weeks per class; one week more than what we’re used to, with the potential for a higher workload and more expectations than before. After a meeting with my advisor I am up for the challenge, but it will maximize my time management skills.

The class I’m taking right now focuses on Lukan theology (the books Luke wrote: Luke and Acts) within a Messianic perspective. I have the goal to share what I’m learning weekly, without trying to “perfect” everything. [I realize I have a bad habit of not posting unless I’m certain I know what I’m talking about, which ends in me learning and inquiring into so many interesting things without sharing.] So, there it is: a written commitment to share as I am in the learning process. Cheer me on as I stick to it; and feel free to ask lots of questions. 🙂