God Healed My Baldness


I have been at the Bethel Healing School this week in Redding, CA, and it has been awesome. People are here from all over the world learning how to rest in God’s love and allow Him to bring healing in and through them.

I had a surprise healing gift on Wednesday night. I had started loosing my hair in big patches earlier in the seminary semester while I was still in class. I am still not certain the cause–if it was stress related or something else (I think the latter, although I was too stressed to see yet another doctor; haha. My “internet guess” is Alopecia Areata because of the formation of the spots.). It started as a few small patches, and grew into larger patches. I have had much bigger health issues to worry about, so my hair has not been on my mind as a major need except for remembering the loss as I am brushing it in the mornings. I have had to change my part line because of the largest patch (about the size of a quarter), which is near where I would typically part my hair. The lack of hair has also felt like an indentation, so I have been reminded if I touch my head.

Anyway, during last night’s healing session someone had a “word of knowledge” (spiritual wisdom) that God was going to heal baldness right then (many other words were also given, and many others received healing for their needs). I stood to receive healing, and a gal standing behind me prayed over me for this and my other issues. Suddenly, sprouts of hair grew where there had been nothing before. My hair is growing back! Yay Jesus!

Ironically, I had felt compelled to take a picture of my missing hair in the hotel on the way to the event that day, because I thought maybe I would be healed soon. So, I have pictures.

FullSizeRenderThe first picture has a bit of a glare from the bathroom light and morning sun (my head is not really so white, but there were no hairs except a couple full length ones from the center of the patch).

FullSizeRender (1)The second picture is the same day when I arrived back to the hotel in the evening after sunset, and it is thus a little too dark, but shows the new growth well nevertheless. So, although both pictures are unintentionally exaggerated because of the lighting, I think you will get the idea: missing hair, then small spiky new growth! It is because God loves me.

Do you know God loves you too? His love is not connected to what you do. Healing is a free gift, just as salvation is. He heals because He loves. He redeems because He loves. Not being healed does not mean lack of love, but is an invitation to press in deeper–and that is what I am doing with my other health issues.

If you need healing, may Jesus heal you now. Be blessed. 🙂


300 thoughts on “God Healed My Baldness

  1. Tammy Schultz (mom)

    God loves you and I love you and that’s the way it should be (singing and praising God)!!

    • kd

      Hello ,
      I am having a very big forehead because of which I lose my confidence.can u please pray so that I could get new hair an inch down my hairline.so depressed and unable to mingle with people

        • Vicky Varghese

          Hi Theresa, I m surprised and out of words regarding the healing and regrowth of hair incident of yours!!! God is great!!! Praise the Lord, hallelujah!!!! I m having baldness in the front and the edge, it looks like the crown area, where there is no hair….. I used to stress a lot, that is what resulted to it….. Please pray that I get my hair grown back, in Jesus Christ name…. God bless you and your family ma’am!!!! Thank you

          • Hello Theresa,
            I was just surfing on the internet about prayers for hairloss and happen to read your post of how the Lord healed you . I have been having extensive hairloss and have been in desperate search in using essential oils and doctors to stop the shedding and now baldness. I was feeling that must have brought this on myself and felt cursed that the once beautiful thick and curly hsif I once had in my youth and took for granted is far from me.
            I resume that I must have faith and trust God but at times I waver but I want and do belive thatctheLord will restore my hair. Please agree with me in prayer that my hair will be full again and whatever has caused it to comeuout will be and us rebuked and destroyed in Jesus name.
            Thank you

    • I need a Prayer healin to. 2013 my hair started thinning. And now 4 yrs. Later when people talk to me thats where their eyes are fixed at my balding crown. Lord please help me.

    • Oyevi Sale

      Hi, Iam Oyevi, at first i thought that baldness is something that could not be cured.. But after listening to ur story i feel so happy right now,.. Iam probably 21 now.. N u see I keep losing my hair every day like it’s so much i can’t take it anymore.. I don’t even go to attend my class. I think somethings that my friends who take tobacco have much better hair than me.. They smoke, drink, take tobacco and still u know their hairs don’t go dry. Whereas for me I used to smoke and drink not that much but i thank Jesus Christ that I got out in good condition. It’s been a very long time since I haven’t taken any bad stuff. But i Cant even touch my hair if I do. Hairs start falling down. Everyday more than 30 hairs are always falling off.. Iam so depressed right now i can’t even study properly. N u know i got back papers to clear as well which is technically my fault N iam gonna be so pressurized ..i admit it’s my fault that this has happened but if u can just pray for me.. Just for even 1 min or even less than that i’d be so grateful.
      Please pray for my family especially my mom and my 2nd brother
      Thank you Ma’am

    • Can you pray for me also ? I am 20 years old Girl . My hair is very thin I am going bald at the back of my head . I was always depressed because of hair loss but now I have very less hair in my part line.like Lord healed you I know he will heal me too. Please pray for me . May GOD bless you..

    • Patricia Santillan

      Hello!! If you could please pray for me. My hair thinned out, especially near my forehead, about two years ago I believe from stress. I know God will heal me and wants to heal me. I was looking for hair scriptures and found this page 🙂

    • Hello there,

      I’m a 29 year old musician and I play Guitar it’s my whole life’s passion, I’ve had a thriving career and traveled the world playing music for 18 years and this past year my hair is drastically thinning and falling out in clumps, my hearts breaking I’m so utterly depressed I feel like I’ve lost my identity, I’ve had long hair my whole life and I couldn’t imagine a life bald, I hate to say that word but it’s my greatest fear. Please please if you could please say a prayer for me for God to restore my hair like it once was, full and thick. I am a Christian and go to church every Sunday and read the Bible everyday, where 2 or more are gathered I believe in this prayer, please pray for me

  2. Hi – I would like you to pray for me that God heal my cavities and tooth decay . I’m shy to smile infront over people and my line of work requires constant contact with people . I also pray that he restores my hairline and stop premature aging . I’m 36 but look like I in my forties – amen

    • I’m praying for you Martha! Be healed. I pray that any shame you have over your body would also be broken off, and that your spirit, soul, and body would be fully reconciled with each other in Jesus. I’ve been speaking life over my own body recently–telling my body how much I love and respect it. That can help the healing process. Blessings! 🙂

  3. Drew

    Would you please pray for my hair restoration as well. I have had hair loss occurring on my left and right temple area but worse on the left side (including a stinging pain on the left side) and I keep praying for restoration but I know that God has already provided the healing through Jesus finished work on the cross but I have yet to see the physical manifestation. I believe if God healed one He will heal me too. Please pray for me. Thank you!

    • Jesus, please reverse Drew’s baldness, and take away all pain on the left side of Drew’s head. I pray for thick healthy hair to grow in your mighty name. Thank you Lord for paying for our healing on the cross; may it manifest now on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

  4. Deven Chilwal

    please pray for me…i’ve been suffering with alopecia universallis since 4 Years. My life has been tragic since then…i want to get healed no matter what it takes me to do. I believe god exists evrywhere in every soul in every prayer….thanks

    • Lord Jesus, please heal Deven. I ask that Deven’s hair grow back fully in every place, and that your Holy Spirit would fill him with renewed hope, peace, and the love of God. I also pray Lord that this would be a turning point in Deven’s life–that every part of his life would get better, and that every loss and hurt over the past four years would be redeemed and reconciled. Bring the fullness of your healing, Jesus, and hold nothing back. May Deven experience your love and your voice like never before. Amen.

  5. Jolene

    Thank you for sharing your testimony! It is very encouraging as I have had severe enough hair loss that I’ve resorted to a wig for a year and half now. I love Bethel and have been a season pass subscriber for a couple years now, listening to all the conferences and sessions that they stream. We even went to Redding to visit a few years ago. I always listen for someone to mention healing of baldness, but haven’t heard a testimony till now. I checked in my archives and the Wednesday you got your healing wasn’t in my streaming list or I would probably have my hair back by now as well:) it is a good thing that God is outside of time! Please pray that he will extend a manifestation of his healing to me too, as I am fighting discouragment and have been praying alone for breakthrough for far too long. Blessings!

    • I am praying for and with you Jolene! I love Bethel too–they have created such an atmosphere of love and healing there. Thankfully the Lord’s healing promises and anointing stretch to also meet us where we are. I pray the Holy Spirit would touch your body today in a healing miracle, and bless you with His joy, peace, and thanksgiving. I understand discouragement well; may it leave now in Jesus’ name, and may encouragement and new vision be poured over you in its place. This is a new harvest season. Be blessed! 🙂

  6. sucharitha

    suffering from severe hair loss…as i am a girl i really feel ashamed of going in public..tried evrything on dis earth to cure it..but nothing is working…i prayed for many years..and still praying…no use..im broken…

    • Sucharitha, I am praying for your hair to grow back thick and beautifully! May Jesus take away the shame and fill you instead with God’s love for you. You are beautiful, and loved. As I am praying for you I feel God saying that you pure and lovely in His sight. He is the healer, and I believe He will heal you to feel joy and peace on the inside, and to have healthy hair on the outside. Many blessings to you!

      “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. All this is from God, who through Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:17-18)

  7. Amit chhabra

    Please pray for my bald spot. I’m very shy because of my bald spot and I believe that only Jesus can cure my baldness. My hairs are very thin and they look ugly. Please pray for me I need healing . amen

    • Jesus, thank you that you are the healer and can bring healing and restoration to otherwise incurable conditions! Thank you that nothing is impossible for you, and that you are still actively doing miracles today! Please heal Amit chhabra! Bring full, healthy hair where there has been baldness, and help Amit chhabra to feel attractive and loved by You. Amen!

  8. bryan

    Hi Theresa! I’m truely amazed god healed you instantly, and extremely happy for you. I been losing my hair and it can be very stressful, especially for a female. I been losing my hair since I was 16, now im18 slowly thinning, and balding. it noticeable and looks embarrassing. Can you please pray for me to have a blessing of hair restoration. Thank you!

    • I’m praying for you!!! May you have peace and health in your spirit and in your body. And Jesus, please do a mighty miracle in growing back bryan’s hair, and bringing her whole body into alignment with your will of good health! Uncover any reason for this baldness Jesus, and bring healing to her whole body in your Name!

  9. Kiran

    Hello Theresa .. It’s such an amazing testimony. Was searching for answers on the web and stumbled on to this page. It’s so astonishing that God actually cares for small needs . I’m in mid 20’s and i am going . The bald patches are clearly visible in the sunlight .Please pray for me to . God bless you !!

  10. Emmanuel

    Great. God loves you so much.
    i’ve been suffering with hair loose since almost 8 years. My head is getting balder and balder and Iam just 26 years old. I rarely go out without a cap..
    Life is a mess.
    Can you please pray for healing ?

    • I’m praying for you, Emmanuel! God loves you too!! I pray for your hair to grow back, and for this to be a year of blessings for you! Jesus please draw near to Emmanuel, and be an ever present companion for him. Show him your love in tangible ways, and help him to hear your voice like never before.

  11. Emmanuel

    Wow, I’m in tears right now…So God can heal baldness too…please pray for me that God should restore my hair for me. I’ve been losing hair for about four years now and only God knows how I feel every time I’m at the Barber Shop. The sheer frustration I feel inside when the Barber is trying to line up my hair is probably palpable… And when I see guys walk in with a full crown of hair, I just feel up with so much envy for their gift. Please pray for me cause if God can do it for one, he can do it for all.

  12. Rajan Sylvester

    Please pray for me suffring from spine problem i can not walk;i loose my job/family/brother & sister also.I lost my hair/ teeth also

    • Rajan, it sounds like you have been through a lot! I’m praying for your complete healing in Jesus’ name. I pray your spine would be restored to it’s proper function, and that you would be able to walk again. I pray for your hair to grow back, and your teeth to be strong and healthy. I ask for Jesus to bring you a new job that pays well and has a positive atmosphere. And I ask that the Lord would help you with any emotional pain you are experiencing, that he would set the stones for reconciliation with your family at the right time, and that He would bring uplifting and God-loving people into your life right now. Jesus, draw near to Rajan during this time!

  13. Brandon

    Thanks for sharing that encouraging testimony! I enjoyed reading it and I appreciate you writing it. If you don’t mind, I would like for you to pray and agree with me that my hair will completely grow back and that I will have a full head of hair. God bless you!

    • Thanks, Brandon. I would love to pray for you! Jesus, I pray that your Spirit would touch Brandon’s body and make his hair to grow back fully and completely. Amen!

  14. Ashley

    Hi Theresa, what a great testimony! Iv been dealing with hair loss for about 8 years now. Its just getting worse and worse. Im upset and sad. Although I know I am loved and cherished, it just doesnt feel like it sometimes when something that is important to you is not healed after years of prayer. I know God is good and He heals – Iv seen it many times! Please stand in agreement and pray for my hair to be healed. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer and I am desperate, as I know God is the only one who can help. I need a miracle!

    • Jesus, please heal Ashley’s hair loss, and pour out a fresh anointing of your love and grace in her life. I pray for a complete reversal of what has been lost, and a new beauty and joy going forward!

  15. anu sinha

    Hi Theresa,
    I am 25 and have few bald patches on my head….being a girl its very frustrating and sometimes i cry a lot because i used to have very thick and healthy hairs…please help me…i dnt know what to do…please somebody help me…

    • Anu Sinha, I can relate to the emotional experience of losing patches of hair as a female. I am praying for your hair to grow back, and for Jesus to give you peace!

  16. Brian

    I am hoping to see a solid head of hair again.
    Please pray for hair growth and restoration of hair.

    Thank you

  17. Bridgette

    I’ve been suffering with alopecia for over three years. I woke up the other night and my hair was very brittle and shedding. I’ve been under lot’s of stress because of financial issues. Please stand in agreement with me that my hair will be restored and that my financial situation will get better in Jesus name. I need a complete healing…(Tears)

    • Jesus, I ask that you would heal Bridgette from the inside out. Restore her hair to health and growth, and comfort her in Your perfect peace. Lord, I also ask for miracles of financial and physical provision in Bridgette’s life. Help her to rest in You, and pour Your extravagant love over her in Your name Jesus.

  18. Brenda

    Please pray that God will restore my hair thickness and texture back. I have been losing hair in vast amounts and my wave pattern is completely gone. My texture is dry and brittle. Thank you and God bless you

    • Jesus, please restore the health, texture, and thickness of Brenda’s hair to the beautiful way You first created it! If there is any physical reason for this change in Brenda’s hair, I ask that You would reveal it Lord, so that it can be addressed. And I pray for the fullness of Your healing in every part of Brenda’s life and body in Your Name Jesus!

  19. Soraya Chinloy

    Hello Theresa.
    I’m so touched by your testimony. God is truly amazing! When I read your blog, I felt happy for you that God healed the baldness you were struggling with.
    I am also touched by others reaching out to you for prayer. Especially, Rajan and all the difficult things he’s dealing with. 🙁
    Jesus I pray that you heal, restore, and deliver everyone who wrote comments on this blog. I also pray that you restore what the locusts have eaten.
    I am struggling with several health issues as well. Theresa, please pray for me for the manifestation of my healing. I had chemotherapy for a bone marrow transplant in 2013 and my hair hasn’t grown back full. It has grown back diffuse and sparse around my scalp. I also struggle with fatigue, incontinence issues, right leg/hip/foot weakness, osteopenia, and some hearing loss.
    The doctor thinks that my hair not growing back could be hormonal (since the treatments put me in menopause) but I’m wondering if it could be graft versus host disease or what really is the cause.
    I have felt angry, frustrated, disappointed, etc.
    I have also been struggling with the thoughts of what does healing really look like. If it really looks like how we think or if God’s healing looks like something different?
    I am trying to be grateful for the things that I am blessed with because I know God has blessed me with many things.
    Can you please pray for me? Also pray for clarity.
    Thank you so much.

    ~Soraya Chinloy

    • Thank you, Soraya. I would love to pray for you!

      Your emotional struggles in light of what you have gone and are going through are very normal, and healthy. I have also experienced a multitude of health issues (down to a single autoimmune disorder now!); and at one point the Lord spoke to me through the life of King Hezekiah to show me how important it is to cry out to Him without holding back my emotions, so that He could interact and heal my emotions as well as my body. I encourage you to bring all your questions, anger, and disappointment to Him, and to expect that He will dialog with you about His purposes in your life. The physical process of crying, too, brings healing and release.

      Jesus, I speak life into Soraya’s body and spirit in Your Name! Thank you so much Lord for the work you have been doing in her already, and for the protection that has surrounded her throughout all of this physical and emotional struggle. Please restore every part of her body to its rightful function–from her hormones, to her bones and bone marrow, muscles, organs, hair growth, hearing, digestion, energy levels, and every other part–heal her completely Jesus, in Your Name! If there is any unknown disease or root of dis-ease in Soraya’s body, I ask Lord that You would reveal and remove it! Remove any negative effects of the chemotherapy process, and bring new strength into her body. And give her doctor(s) spiritual insight and guidance toward Your best treatment plans, or release from them in acknowledgement of Your healing.

      I also ask, Father, that you would give Soraya a vision of how You see her, and of what Your healing will look like when complete. Pour out Your peace and love upon her. Teach her to fully grieve what she has endured, but also to receive the oil of gladness for mourning in the nearest possible time (Is 61:3). Give her clarity and discernment, Lord, especially regarding her self care and medical process, as well as in Your guidance and wisdom for her life. May Your healing come quickly and fully! Amen!

    • Luke

      I understand that some hair falling has to do with genetics & getting older, but why can I not bear it?
      My only true prayer & goal should be Christs eternal home & wondrous salvation..
      But I desire & crave my hair to be restored!!!!
      All of this is material and has no real true meaning compared to his wounds…BUT PLEASE!!
      While I dwell here please send your prayers to me!

  20. Neeraj

    I am Neeraj from India
    I also need your prayer
    I hate to see growing baldness on my head
    Pls pray for regrow my hair
    Thank you

    • I’m praying for you, Neeraj! May you be healed, so that your hair grows back thickly and beautifully! May you feel the love of the Lord Jesus who created you beautifully and perfectly even on the days it does not feel like it. 🙂

  21. Zoey

    Hello Theresa,
    My hair loss began 5 years ago. Praying since then and wearing wigs. Then my hair began to grow in full and thick April 2015 then fell out again. Then in November 2015, I noticed it grew back and when I washed, little to no shedding. I changed my diet, quit coffee, drink green vegetable smoothies, now I’m dealing with hair loss since January 2016. Please pray for me. I feel like the woman with the issue of blood because I went to four Doctors to no avail.

    • Zoey, I have always loved the story of the women with the blood because of how her boldness in seeking out and touching Jesus resulted in her healing. You have been through so much, and it sounds like Jesus has been directing you in lifestyle changes, even though the healing has yet to come in fullness and permanence. The Lord has seen you, and wants to make you whole. I believe your breakthrough is coming! I am praying for your complete healing. Jesus, heal Zoey’s hair and body completely in Your Name, and bless her beyond what she can imagine!

  22. Madison

    Hello I love your story. Would you please pray for me, I feel bad about asking to do that but I need help. I have very thin fine hair and I’m really young, but recently it started falling out in clumps and it makes me feel so self councious I cry sometimes. I can’t even where it down anymore I hate the feeling of it. I’ve been really trying to pray about it, and I have been for months but theres just no results so if anyone could please help me that would be great. Thanks and God bless you all 🙂

    • Madison, I would love to pray with you! And Jesus loves to answer our prayers! Remember verses like Mat. 4:23: “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.” His healing has no limits. 🙂

      Jesus, pour your love on Madison. Heal her so that her hair grows back in fully, and stays healthy. Heal her inward thoughts and pains, and bring her peace, joy, and gladness. Thank you, Lord, for triumphing over our enemy at the cross so that we can experience your freedom and peace in our bodies, souls, and spirits.

  23. russell adams

    After seeing hair loss in my hair, I have become nervous and lost my self confidence. I need to get my hair back so I can go on without concerns for my hair. Please pray for regrowth.

    • Russell, I’m praying for your hair to grow back in Jesus’ name, and also for your peace and confidence to be restored. May Jesus’ perfect love and peace overwhelm you, so that you can rest in Him.

      • Michael

        Hello, I was diagnosed with hair loss and its really devastating. I am very young but I have a dream that male pattern hair loss will not effect me or my future children and generations.
        Please stand with me in faith and thank you.

  24. FAITH

    Mine is an addiction.I cant stop plucking them.This has left me with ugly bald patches.I’ve seen a doctor but no effect so far.I do pray about it but lose faith at times.God heals.Pray for me.

    • Faith, I understand Trichotillomania, and so I know that God heals it. Years before losing my hair (and getting it back) as I describe above, I suffered from multiple psychological issues including OCD and Trichotillomania–although I was always careful to only pull hair that could be covered by clothing, so I never experienced baldness from this addiction. When I encountered Jesus I was able to find freedom.

      I am praying for you. I believe Jesus is healing you and will give you peace. I pray that all shame would be broken off of you in Jesus’ name; and that Trichotillomania would flee from you in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, surround Faith in your love, renew her mind, and make her free, so that she may be free. Thank you Jesus for your healing work in Faith, and that those who you free are truly free. I ask that you would give Faith dreams and visions of who you are, and who she is in you. I pray that the hair she has lost to this addiction would grow back quickly and beautifully, and that you would heal her so completely that she would not even be tempted to pluck her hairs again. Pour out your extravagant love on Faith, Lord Jesus; comfort her, protect her, and help her to love herself the way you love her. Amen.

  25. Please pray for me Theresa about hair restoration too please. No more hair loss I need prayer for healthy hair & no fall out or alepecia please. Thank you /God Bless you as you do so

    • Sharin, I pray complete restoration and heath to your hair and body in Jesus’ name! May your hair grow in thickly, and remain in its place! Many blessings over you!

  26. Michael

    Hi Theresa, thank you for your encouraging testimony! I’m only a teenager but have been losing my hair for the past few years. It really affects my confidence as people have made negative comments and think i’m much older than my real age. However I know that God can produce miracles! My prayer is that my hair will be fully restored. I’m praying fervently about this and I was wondering whether you’d be able to also join in prayer for me?

    • Michael, Yes! I am praying for you right now, and believing with you for your healing. Be healed in Jesus’ name! Jesus, thank you for your miracles!

  27. Thomas Thampan

    I’m Thomas from India ,Kerala..i am suffering from hair loss still 3years and my temple is still light visible..i loose my confidence and wasted lot of money..and I’m totally fed up with this..but I’m confident. . . my Jesus
    Will heal me..please pray for me..

  28. Thomas Thampan

    Im thomas from Kerala,India..am completed diploma in mechanical engineering and waiting for results…by saying about me my life is really a dramatic…with lots of family problems , business failure for my father psychological problems for me..when the time of my grandma and grandpa my family is one of the happiest and biggest family in my area..from starting of the business by my father..all things are happened like opposite and now we are the poor among our community and family..now no one is with us..but on these days…god playing an important roles and am changed a lot..and a pastor said that there is a big deliverance waiting for u which is not seen by anyone before..and another pastor also said me like this..and now also am suffering from starting stage of baldness and am totally fed up with this..and daily am praying for it and waiting to receive a Miracle from my Jesus..so please pray for me and my family..a powerful verses in my mind is that…i can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me (Phil) ..amen..and also I will pray for u for ur wonderful love and mind for peoples and ur helping mentality…and I am willing to met u in the name of Jesus..amen

    • Thomas, I am praying for you and your family! May your family experience a reversal of all the problems you have experienced, and abundance and blessing for all you have lost in these difficult years. I pray for you to encounter God in a powerful way in this season–to experience His peace and love even now in Jesus’ name. And I pray healing over your body in His name, that your hair would grow back, and for every part of your body, soul, and spirit to be whole in Him.

  29. raphael thompson

    Through ur testimony av also receive my hair back .now my baldness has been cured in JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH NAME . indeed GOD is de healer

  30. regina

    Please Prayer for my 15 year old Floyd jr. Hair loss after his Grandpa pass he didnt understand why he left us. Now in high school he is not happy with his hair loss he feels its Gods will he is bold spots i rebuke that lie in Jesus Name please pray for healing. Sickness healing in his body. Thank you.

    • Regina, I am praying for your son; and I pray blessings over you as well!

      Jesus, heal Floyd Jr. completely in your name! Give him peace and inner healing, especially in dealing with the loss of his grandfather. Give him the wisdom, Lord, to know that you are our healer, and that sickness is never your will. Thank you Jesus that you teach us to pray that it may be on earth as it is in heaven; and that you desire to answer our prayers. May Floyd’s hair grow back in your name Jesus; and may this miracle come with a deeper revelation of you!

  31. raleigh

    Hey Theresa, I would also like to ask for prayer. I am suffering hair loss, and I want only to trust in God for restoration. Thank you so much for your post.

  32. raleigh

    Hey Theresa, I also would love prayer, as I am experiencing hair loss and I want to trust only God for my restoration. I believe he can do all things and cares about the small things in our lives, as well as the big things. Please pray and stand in agreement with me. Thank you!

  33. louis

    Theresa, please pray for my hair to grow back on top and back of my head and have it really thick. Thanks

  34. Thomas Thampan

    Yes Louis…me also joining to pray for you…ohh Jesus please restore the hair of Louis as soon…and in thicker…in the name of Jesus..amen….Louis try to make your trust increase ,that u will receive ur hair from god..not 99%trust make 100%of trust in lord…but its not easy to make 100%trust……….when u succeed in it ..u will receive ur hair back soon…..A verse in my mind is that from bible Mark. When u requested anything to god while praying .trust him and think that u received the requested thing,u will get it definitely so follow my words amen…

  35. Michael Gurung

    I am suffering from hair loss. I am getting bald. I know the power of God. He loves me and He can restore my hair. Your testimony is blessings. Please pray for me

  36. Liz

    Hi Theresa. I was healed of trichotillomania 5 weeks ago, after 30 years of having the disorder. I thank God for healing me of this, but felt I should ask you to pray for the complete restoration and healing of my hair please. For the last 15 years there have been large areas over my head where hair will no longer grow because of the damage I have done to the follicles through trichotillomania. My healing from trich was instantaneous last month, after I publicly admitted that I had it to someone who prayed for healing for me 27 years ago when I was bald. Back then, I was too ashamed to admit I was pulling out my hair so when they prayed for me it did grow back but then after some time I started pulling again. I know God can restore my hair fully to how it was when I was 13 and I found your site yesterday and felt prompted by God to ask you to pray for me. Thanks so much. Liz

    • Liz,

      Praise God for your healing!! I believe beyond a doubt that you will receive the fullness of your healing. I would love to agree in prayer with you for the full restoration of your hair!

      Thank you Lord for the healing you have done in Liz’s mind and body thus far, and for her courage in being vulnerable. Thank you for your promise to continue the good things you have started to completion (Phil. 1:6)! Thank you, Jesus, for caring so much about our struggles, and for healing us! I ask, Jesus, that the rest of Liz’s healing would come quickly! Restore every lost hair, and fill in every bald patch with healthy hair! I thank you Lord for the instant inner healing Liz has received from this compulsion, and pray that in its place your Holy Spirit would bless Liz abundantly with fresh peace, joy, spiritual intimacy with You, and the spiritual gifts You have for her to walk in. I also pray for your protection over her in your name Jesus; that she would remain secure and vulnerable in You and with her support system, beyond all temptation to fall back into familiar patterns. Thank you for your mighty work Jesus!!

      • Liz

        Thanks so much for praying for me. I have taken photos of my hair as over 50 per cent is missing on the top so will have something to look back on as things improve with God’s loving touch, as I have faith that it will. I keep coming back to the verse that what is impossible for man is possible with God. I am trusting God that our prayers will be answered fully and thank you again for taking the time to pray for me. God bless you and your ministry. Liz

        • Thank you, Liz! Great idea to take pictures to monitor new growth; and meditating on Scripture is always powerful! May you be blessed!

  37. Avika ahuja

    Hi I too have hair loss issues from so many years no medcines no treatment nothing worked out , all went in vain ,I started facing hair loss suddenly due to hormonal changes, as I was having very beautiful black color thick silky hair, pls pray for me , m desperately waiting to get new hair fast early as possible , kindly waiting. For your reply.

    • Avika ahuja, I am praying Jesus will heal you completely, and cause your hair to grow in fully and quickly!! I also pray healing over your hormonal balance in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  38. Mani

    Hi Theresa,
    Praise God. Thanks for your testimony. God has given me so much things.purely by his Grace I am living.
    I am at the age of 23. I have been praying for moustache growth for 3 years but God didn’t answer my prayer. I felt so many times discouraged because of my inability to grow my facial hair. Even after I visited doctors regarding my facial hair growth problem nothing happens. I believe God will heals. Please include me in your prayers and encourage me.

    • Mani, I’m praying now that the Holy Spirit would draw you near to God’s heart, and that He would reveal to you His love and the perfection in which He has created you. I am also praying for your facial hair to grow in Jesus’ name. I know God cares about the little things on our hearts and minds, and am believing with you that He will meet you in this desire for facial hair.

  39. Divine

    I have known baldness all my life
    I want to put a stop to wigs and weaves but it seems impossible. Iv prayed but still nothing
    I ended up shavin my hairline and praying to God that it grows back
    Weeks ago i have dreamt my hairline all grew
    I pray it manifest in the physical
    Please help me beg God to restore my hair please

    • Divine, I love the dream you had. It sounds like God may be speaking to you through it about what He is doing in your life–a reminder that He has heard you, has not forgotten you, and will bless you with hair growth, and likely other areas of blessing as well. I do not believe you have to beg God for the healing, but that He already desires to heal you. I pray over you right now in Jesus’ name that your hair would grow back fully and healthily (and soon!), and also that this would be a prosperous season in your life, and in your relationship with God.

  40. Divine

    Thank u so much theresa
    I claim it in Jesus name
    I cant wait to show u all my before and after pics!

  41. Hi, Can you kindly pray for my hair. My hair were voluminous but in the past 3 years I suffered from unimaginable hair fall/telogen efllugen. My hair line has receded and hair have become very thin and weak. As a girl in her early 30s I have lost a lot of confidence. I humble ask you to pray for the miraculous hair healing and regrowth of strong , thick , voluminous and dark hair. Amen

    Regards & Love,

  42. joyal

    hi,can you for my hair.i’m just 25 only but i already have balded head up-to 22 years of age i didn’t have such problem.but in this three years rapidly my hair was gone and my head has turned down to bald.everyone are lauging at my baldness.i am very shy to face them and i am losing confidence.
    so please pray for my baldness.

  43. Genevieve

    Hi,theresa I would like you to pray for my hair growth. I’m losing hair around my nape area, my nape area never grows even so I used hair growth oil and I would also like you to pray for health. For the past year I have being struggling with walking, I’m always dizzy when I’m walking for example walking on wide open spaces , this has caused me on having anxieties also depression. Also, like you to pray for fmy uture such as my degree and career, I’m going into my second year I would like to receice the best grade that is possible and also for my third year. Also can you pray for for English gcse because I would be retaking that in the future.

    Thank you

    • Jesus, I ask that your Holy Spirit would heal Genevieve of every physical, emotional, and spiritual hindrance to her living in fullness. Restore her hair growth, and her ability to walk and function, take away every underlying cause of dizziness, and heal her anxieties and depression. Also, guide her, Lord, with your wisdom in the way she should go in her studies and career pursuits. Teach Genevieve to live in the way you have created her–with understanding of her strengths and calling, and with open opportunities in the areas that she should pursue (including on the retake of her GCSE). Thank you, Lord Jesus, for loving us through our struggles, for bringing us to our destinies, and for your healing power.

  44. Mona

    Please could you pray for my 21 year old son Josua Raj McNicholas – that God would restore his hair and that he would have abundant hair and not grow bald in Jesus name, thank you and Amen.

    • Jesus, please heal Mona’s son Josua Raj McNicholas of his hair loss, and restore his hair to health; and also bless Mona for her motherly love. 🙂

  45. Tony

    Hello Theresa, I’m a 18-year-old boy who started having this alopecia areata problem over a decade ago. I always feel depressed and will never go out without having my head shaved. I started getting bald in patches when I was around 6-7. When I was in elementary school, my friends would mock me and when I walked down the street, my head catched people’s attention. I also attended middle school and that was worse since I’m grown enough too feel depressed when others laugh at me. Thank God I didn’t stop going to school. I’d cry and pray to God to heal me but never seen any sign. The only sign was that, It got worse. I’ve been to hospitals and searched for solutions online but there I read that alopecia currently have no cure. I know there’s nothing impossible for God. I want you to pray for me because now, I’m more depressed. Can’t go out without shaving my head and even if I shaved, people will still talk about a young boy like me shaving his head. Please pray for me. I’m very young and have faced a lot of bullies. Thank you 😀

    • Tony, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this. I will certainly pray for you! Thankfully God is the healer even of the incurable and impossible!

      Lord Jesus, please heal Tony’s alopecia now in your name. Restore his body of any and all autoimmune issues–especially in regard to his hair growth, but also of any unseen issues that need correcting. I also ask for your peace and joy to fill Tony’s life above and beyond comprehension. Heal his soul of the hurts of the past, the insecurities, and the depression. Strengthen his spirit, Lord, that he can withstand bullies without feeling the pain of their words. Give him security in the vision of who You have created him to be, and in your vast love for him.

      Tony, as I am praying for you I see David crying and singing to God through the psalms he wrote. I’ve always loved the psalms because they often will start in a place of trouble, and move toward a place of thankfulness, confidence, and healing/receiving of God’s goodness. Praying you will likewise connect with God as strongly and passionately as David, and with an abundance of blessings.

  46. Adam

    Hello, please pray for my baldness to Reverse. It’s affecting my life in a terrible way and at such a young age it is stopping me from living my life. Thank you for your time.

    • Jesus, heal Adam’s baldness, and bless him abundantly in every area of his life in your name! I ask for a reversal of everything that has been lost, for the inner healing that is needed, and for your opportunities and wisdom to guide Adam in prospering in his life, and walking worthy of his calling in You.

  47. Ruby

    Please pray for me that my beauty will be restored. God has jut healed me of contact dermatitis. My skin peeled off and it has left me with some scars.. Please join me in agreement prayers that my face skin will be restored back to normal. Your testimony really encouraged me and shows me that God is concerned about the little details of our lives.

    • Jesus, thank you for healing Ruby! I pray for your healing to be complete in Ruby, and rest in your promise that you will finish the good work you have begun (Phil. 1:6). Restore the health and beauty of Ruby’s skin, and bring the continued presence and peace of your Spirit in Jesus’ name!

  48. Heather

    Hi Theresa,

    I used to go to Bethel, so I was so happy when your page popped up on my google search for hair restoration testimonies. I’ve been losing my hair for about 7 years I believe and it has gotten incredibly thin lately. I’m only 27, so it is very heartbreaking. I’m so encouraged by your testimony and hope God will do the same for me. I felt like God wanted me to ask you to pray for me as well, so if you would that would be awesome. I’m declaring that your hair will be completely restored in the name of JESUS. And I’m believing for everyone on here to see their hair restored. God has directed me to read a book by Charles Capps, called The Tongue: A Creative Force and it’s all about the power of our words. So I encourage all of you to check it out and start watching your words. Even though your hair is thinning, thank God that it’s being restored and ask Him to help your words line up with His word! The devil wants us to see our symptoms and agree with them, but he is a LIAR! Anyway, praying for you all and thanks again for your testimony Theresa!

    • Thank you, Heather! AMEN! Our words and thoughts are so important! I will have to check out that book; thanks for suggesting it for everyone.

      I declare your body healed, and your hair to be healthy and abundant in Jesus’ name! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your healing Spirit, and your generosity in blessing us!

  49. brad

    I’d also like healing for baldness. I am rapidly losing my hair so much I am considering giving up and shaving it all. I really want to see God do a miracle work so I can praise Him for it. I know His word says if we ask Anything in His name, He will do it but we are also told to ask with right motives. I pray God will answer and grant me right motives if my motives are not right. I also need healing for skin sores all over which started from a bad reaction to a hair-loss topical I tried 1 time. I got full-bodied rash which left but theses sores came after and never left. This has been since 2014. I suspect I have an autoimmune condition attacking my skin and hair. I have tried DHT blockers which don’t seem to do anything. Dermatologist don’t believe my story and just call my skin issue folicilitus and gave anti-biotic which did nothing to improve. My faith in God’s love is greatly shaken and I need a refreshing. Thanks for praying and the testimonies!

    • Brad, we can praise the Lord even before the miracles are visible in our lives–and often our praise catalyzes the miracle process. But, yes, I understand what you mean, and am praying for you to receive His gift of healing now!!

      Jesus, heal Brad’s body of his sores, rash, skin sensitivities, baldness, and any underlying autoimmune issues he might be having! Restore his health completely in your name, Jesus! And give him wisdom with how to care for his body in this season so that the conditions never return. Thank you, Jesus, for Brad’s heart and patience, and refresh him with the joy of your presence, and with your quick answer to his prayers!

  50. Karen

    Hi, thanks for sharing your testimony. It just confirm my faith in asking God to heal me of my hair problem too! I’m only turning 40 but have suffered hair loss and hair turned grey after my 2nd labour 5 years ago. I don’t know what’s wrong but I believe GOD can heal and grey hairs can turn back to black!! I laid hands on my head and pray over myself whenever I remember. 😊 Please pray for me!

    And something just so coincident. I have been following Bethel church on fb and read what Bill Johnson wrote and saw some videos. I don’t know why just last week I began to look up for songs by Bethel church and have been listening to Bethel worship and as I began to worship God in my bedroom I weeped i cried for as long as the worship goes songs after songs! I had a great moment just crying out to God for every situation I’m facing right now! And when I saw your testimony that you were at bethel church I was like wow BETHEL again!! God is awesome!

    • Wow, Karen. I love that kind of God-coincidence (divine appointment)! It sounds like He is already working in you to turn things around. I pray for the completeness of God’s will to come from heaven to earth in your life–that you would be healed fully, and that you would continue to experience Him more and more deeply in worship, love, and in special intimacy with our GOOD Father God. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for what your Spirit is doing in Karen’s life, and continue to bless her exceedingly in your Name!

      • Karen

        THANK you Theresa for the powerful prayer! When I’m reading and receiving your prayers my inner body stands up. (dunno how to describe) 😊 Yes the spirit is working something in me already! I just need more of HIM!! MORE!!! MORE!!! Can’t live without HIM. Let it come like the RUSHING WIND not just in me but also my husband! AMEN! #fear #of #lossing #god

  51. Nadia

    I have she’d so much hair for the past 8 years from the stress of a broken relationship. This is after regaining a beautiful head of hair after going through Chemotherapy. It feels as though I have lost so much of myself behind this and last year having to get hearing aids because I have otosclerosis.
    I don’t recognize myself anymore. I am afraid because I don’t know how to regain my self confidence fully. Making wrong choices and physically not at peace with myself.
    I ask for a miracle in the physical sense for my hair on the crown of my head to regrow to the point before the trauma that lead for it fall out. Also, for my hearing to be restored without surgery.
    For my soul to gain the power and strength to get my life on the right path to live the life I was meant to live.
    I am greatful for all that I have. I ask forgiveness and the power of miracles to flow through me undeniably.

  52. Gisele

    Please pray for me for my hair to be restored. I use to have a lot of hairs. For the past few years my hair starts falling and I have few bald spots in front of my forehead. I feel depressed and lack confidence in myself. I need a miracle in my life! God bless you!

  53. Sherrie S.

    Would you please pray for my hair. I have lost almost my whole crown area due to financial stress and 2 divorces. I have been taking hair vitamins and the back has grown 10 inches. But my crown scalp I believe is plugged in the follicles. Please pray God would give me normal hair. I have to wear a wig. I am so shamed.

    • Sherrie S., I’m praying for the health of your hair and body, and for your peace.

      Jesus, please surround Sherrie in a blanket of your perfect peace. Give her rest in her body and her spirit, and provide for her physical and emotional needs. I ask that her hair would be restored to health, and that your Spirit would bring inner healing, comfort, and joy to her as well, in your name Jesus.

  54. John

    Please pray for me also. I feel G-d did this to me as a penalty for my sins.. I am helpless now you could help me if you pray for me to regrow my hair and stop my hair loss 🙁

    • I’m praying for you John!

      I do not believe that G-d is using this to judge for your sins. Our actions do often have natural consequences, and HaShem has graciously laid out practical wisdom for us, so that we can avoid those pains. But remember that blessings come on both the righteous and the wicked, just as both the righteous and wicked experience suffering. If you have repented of your sins, He has forgiven you. You can accept His peace and His love, and relax into His rest and guidance.

      Holy Spirit, please heal John of his hair loss, and cause his hair to grow back quickly! Surround him in your peace, and bring wholeness to his body and Spirit in Jesus’ name!

  55. Nane

    Dear Theresa please pray for me also. I have a hair loose problem to. I want back my hair. Thank you very much .

  56. Bella

    Dear Theresa,
    I hit my head a while back and I know have a bald patch from the impact and its really affecting the way I see myself. Could you please pray for my healing? Thanks a lot.

    • Jesus, I pray peace over Bella’s body and spirit. Help her head and hair to recover completely from this injury, including hair regrowth, and any other damage that might have occurred however minor. Please also restore peace and confidence to Bella’s mind and spirit regarding the way she sees and loves herself. Embrace her in your perfect love, and do a miraculous healing in both her physical body and spirit, in your name Jesus!

  57. Elvis

    Dear Theresa,
    I have read your testimony and I believe everything is possible with God if you believe unconditionally in him through our Lord Jesus Christ. please I am having hair loss at the sides of my hair and it seems it keeps getting worse each day. I am only 22 years old and this is really affecting me. please pray for me.

  58. Janine

    I have unexplained hair loss all over.
    It is really affecting my life.I know God performs miracles and am praying for one. Any prayers would be so welcomed.
    Thank you

  59. Gwen

    Hello Theresa,
    I thank God for you and your testimony. I’ve been believing God for complete and total healing of my traction alopecia. The Holy Spirit led me to this webite and I’m praising God for this divine connection. Will you be in agreement with me for complete hair restoration? I have a couple of bald patches. One in particular that’s pretty large. I’m terribly self conscious about and I’ve lost my self esteem and self worth. I know this is the work of the enemy. I’m believing God for a miracle and when it comes He will get ALL the glory! I look forward to helping and praying for others as well. My testimony will be a way to encourage others in the Lord! Thank you kindly for your time, prayer and transparency.

    • Gwen, I am standing in agreement with you for the complete healing of your alopecia in Jesus’ name! I also pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you with His peace and perfect love. Be blessed!

  60. Sandy

    Please pray for complete restoration of my hair as it has grown very thin and I am very conscious of this. For God hath not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Thank you Jesus for your healing touch!!

  61. Rishen Cardozo

    Hello theresa
    I’m having hair loss and it is worsen every day. Now I just have 1/4 of my hair compered before. All the time I just think about my hair. I believe in jesus he will heal me and restore my hair back. Praise u lord

    • Jesus, restore Rishen’s hair completely, and bring the fullness of your healing, and reversal of loss in your mighty Name. Thank you, Lord, for your healing power and work!

  62. isabel

    Please pray for me as well, I have suffered with hair loss for almost 15 years now, I always have to cover my head or wear wigs. have tried everything. I cry sometimes because of this. please help and pray for me

  63. Dorothee

    Hello Theresa! Thank you for sharing your testimony and I am happy to read that you have been healed through Jesus Christ! I would love to be touched by our Lord healing power too so desperately so I am asking you if could help me being healed from my hair loss too. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong when praying or maybe it is not God’s will, I am so confused because I believe only him can help me. I am suffering from alopecia for 10 years now and nothing is improving. It’s just getting worse and I am so desperate and feeling sad about this. So please if you can pray for Jesus to touch me with his healing hand. I thank you in advance and wish you all the best!

    • I’m praying for you, Dorothee! I believe that it is always God’s will to heal, even when we are not seeing results. Sometimes His timing is different then ours, sometimes His priorities are different; but He loves you, and wants you healthy. I am praying for your complete healing and a renewal of joy over you in Jesus’ Name!

  64. im very depressed too, im 21 and im balding so fast with thinning hair all around my scalp, it affects my self confidence greatly and having a hard time living life and have fun. please i need your help lord, pray for me for the healing of my scalp and regrow back my hair, thank you very much godbless

  65. Lancelot

    pls pray for me Theresa. Never knew God considered our little needs. I have a receded hairline and a serious hyperpigmentation on my forehead as a result of acne scars .That affects my confidence a lot. From your testimony and a couple of them I have read here confirms God is more than able and He loves us soo much to the extent of addressing all our needs even those little needs we never thought He would be interested. God bless you for changing our perspective about God, our prayer Life and for giving us hope.

    • Lancelot, I’m praying for your complete healing in Jesus’ Name! Yes, He is so GOOD to care about all our needs! May you be blessed abundantly!!

  66. Bryan

    God bless you Theresa. I began having a receding headline in my early 20’s. I used regrowth medicine that made my balding worse. It hurts to see how people look at me. I realized nothing ever works, but Jesus is the only solution. I never liked to ask God for this healing but I’m realizing he does care about what hurts me. Please pray for me.

    • Bryan, I pray for your complete healing, and a reversal of any ill effects of the medication, in Jesus’ Name! I also pray for you to experience a flood of the Lord’s love over your life, and of His abundant grace.

  67. grace

    please pray for me am experiencing hair loss since October 2015.. I believe Jesus Christ can heal me and restore my hair to original design

  68. Sirisha

    Please do pray for me. I have been suffering with hair loss for about 12 years now. i have been praying constantly and tried all sorts of hair regrowth formulas..nothing is working. I feel ashamed when going out with my husband and while I’m at office where people turn around to check my baldness. there has been days when i cried in his presence when everyone went to bed. i see condition becoming worse. but all that i know and I trust is Jesus. who has taken my shame on cross and only he can heal me. i would want you to join me in prayer for my hair restoration. “By His Stripes, Im healed”…Amen..Amen…Amen

    • Sirisha, I am agreeing with you in prayer for your complete healing in Jesus’ Name!! I pray that the Holy Spirit would surround you, and pour His love and perfect rest upon you, and that He would bless you quickly with healing.

  69. Victoria

    Hi, please pray for me.. I once shaved my body hair from arms, stomach, back, and legs when I was 15, now it’s been 2 years. I continued with waxing wishing it would one day become how it was before i shaved. Just 2 months ago God told me to stop everything i did. I have confessed to Him about what I did… It was a mistake because I thought if i shaved, it will never grow back. I was only 15 and until now I couldn’t stop regretting… The thoughts of “if only i hadn’t done it” keeps haunting me… I feel very uncomfortable in my own body now as the body hair don’t stick to the skin and is obvious that i’ve shaved… I just want my whole body hair to be as it was before i shaved because i didn’t mean to… I don’t want to keep regretting… I just pray that my body hair will be the same as it was before so that I won’t keep on blaming myself… And the memory of me shaving 2 years ago will never haunt me anymore…

    • Victoria, I pray peace and unity over your body, soul, and spirit–that you would be able to release the guilt you have felt, and to receive in its place the love, protection, and beauty that God has for you. He has created your body so well, and He can bring restoration. You need only to rest in Him, and trust Him. I am praying for you now–that you would receive the restoration and healing of your body hair; and that you would hear God, and feel His great love and grace over your life. <3

  70. Edna

    What a great testimony , asking to touch a agree with me that God restore my hair crown area baldness for many years , Started losing hair after the birth of my only child and menopause 5 years later, and then nodules on thyroid . Thank you in advance ,

  71. Sid

    Oh my gosh …. I have this very thing but in 4 spots …. this is really encouraging! Ive literally slipped into depression over it as there is really no clear answer from the docs other than alopecia which is a general term for “we don’t know but you are missing hair alright”….. Thanks for sharing this I am claiming this one for myself.

  72. Please pray for my hair and my mother’s hair…..we both want full, long, strong, healthy hair as women even in our golden years…please pray for total healing and restoration of my body from excema, psoriasis, and all sickness and total healing for my parents

  73. Luiza Menezes

    I ask that the Lord heal me from the stress and burdens that I allow to take hold of my body and cause it to fall ill.
    Please give me strength to refuse illness and allow my body to be filled with wellness so that my hair may stop falling out and that it begins to grow and within each new strand of hair be filled with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Luiza, I pray for your healing, strength, and for the Spirit to aid you in entering His rest! In Jesus’ name may you be completely healed, and experience a new wave of His love!!

  74. Erika

    I have been experiencing hair loss for about a year now. This has caused me depression and anxiety to the the point that I quit my job. I do not want to interact with people due to the feeling they might judge me. I just wish I can start seeing new hair growth there is not a day I don’t pray. Please pray for me as well I want to go back to the happy girl I once was. Thankyou and may God bless you.

    • I’m praying for you Erika! May you have complete healing of your body and soul in Jesus’ name! Holy Spirit, pour out your joy on Erika, and bless her with healing!

  75. kyriakos Bourgoutzidis

    my name is kyriakos and the problem I have is the white hair that makes me feel sad. I haven`t been able to lead a normal life and though I prayed to God many times I haven´t gotten an answer. I have suferred and am still suffering, my hair began to get thin. Please pray for me! Thank you!

    • Kyriakos, I pray that your ears would be open to hear God, and experience His goodness, on a new level. I ask that the Spirit would give you peace, and comfort you in His love. And I ask for your healing, and that you would be comfortable and confident in your body, in Jesus’ name.

  76. Aviva Santhmayor

    I’m Aviva and I’m 21 years old . I am loosing my hair. I’ve got patches of baldness. Being a girl with such baldness is not fine. I am dieng within many a times I’ve thought to end my life. People stare at my bald spots and comment. it hurts me a lot. I depressed and sick please pray for me

    • Aviva, I pray that the Holy Spirit would touch you with His love, and restore your joy and peace to you. He loves you, and has made you beautifully, even when it doesn’t feel like it. I pray complete healing over your hair, mind, and body in Jesus’ name!

  77. Werner

    Dear Theresa,
    I would like to pray that God gives a full beard (without holes and bald spots) and that God takes any fear away to express my manliness with a beard even on the job. For years I wanted a beard and I believe God can heal me. In Christ, God bless please pray with faith with me.

  78. Pauline Tandy

    I am loosing my hair it’s like alopecia my wish is that it will soon grow back and there will be no baldness

    • Pauline Tandy, I’m praying healing over you in Jesus’ name! May you find a complete reversal of your alopecia and restoration of your hair growth!

  79. Luke

    I understand that some hair falling has to do with genetics & getting older, but why can I not bear it?
    My only true prayer & goal should be Christs eternal home & wondrous salvation..
    But I desire & crave my hair to be restored!!!!
    All of this is material and has no real true meaning compared to his wounds…BUT PLEASE!!
    While I dwell here please send your prayers to me!

    • Luke, I’m praying for your complete healing in Jesus’ name! He does care about the little details of our lives, even though they pale in comparison to His glory. Be blessed!


    please pray for me, I know only God can healed, with him all things are possible,.. am going bald my thick beautiful hair is gone my scalp is almost visible sometimes I cried when I look at the mirror please pray for me


    please pray for me, I believe with God all things are possible I know he can healed me from this horror I’ve face all day, my thick dark beautiful hair is gone my scalp is almost visible please pray for me, pray for me for God Almighty miracle to locate me and restored back my hair,. I cried most times I look at the mirror


    AMEN,.. thank you Theresa by God Grace I will come back to this same page and give testimonies of how God has restored back my hair

  83. Brad

    …. ME too, losing hair rapidly and almost to point of shaving my head. Very depressing as I have full body skin blemishes which my hair helps to hide (at least on my neck, face and head). I’m already ashamed of my look and would feel even more so with a shaved head…. My mother too has big bald spot which really hurts her self-esteem… Any prayers would be much appreciated as we know God is the Great physician and by His stripes we ARE healed, in Jesus name! Thank you, Brad & Janell

    • Jesus, touch Brad with your complete healing. I ask for the restoration of his hair, his skin, his joy, and his peace in your Name, Jesus! And I also lift his mother up to you for her complete healing. Thank you for their faith and love for you. May they also experience this healing as a physical sign of what you are doing in their lives. Amen!

  84. Michelle

    My hair has been thinning for the past few years but has been tolerable. After starting medication 5 months ago it’s rapidly shedding & thinning to where you can see my scalp. Although I’m trying to find peace & patience it’s extremely difficult & I find myself struggling daily with frustration, sadness, envy of women with full thick beautiful hair and having depressing thoughts. I know I may not ever have long, beautiful hair with natural body but I pray & speak to god daily begging for regrowth & strong hair. At times it makes me feel shallow & vain but I can’t help but to feel so down & depressed. Please pray for me. Pray I develop strength & patience. Pray that the only one possible…our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ can bless me with enough hair to be at peace & not have my scalp visible.
    Any & all prayers are greatly appreciated.

    • Jesus, I ask you for the complete healing of Michelle’s body in your Name–of her hair, of all conditions requiring medication, and of any other part whether physical or emotional. Comfort her in your perfect love, and wrap her in a blanket of peace. Reveal yourself to her in a new and deeper way than she has seen you before, and give her visions of the hope you have for her.

  85. Phani

    I am suffering from hair loss for almost 7 years.And almost the scalp is visible on the bald areas.Though it is a tiny thing.It is taking my peace and confidence away.
    Can you please for my hair healing and hair restoration.I believe you prayers are answered.

    • Phani, I’m praying for the restoration of your hair and spirit in Jesus’ Name! May you experience the fruit of the Spirit in your life, and enter into His rest; and may He bless you with a complete physical healing!

  86. Amanda

    Hello Theresa,
    I am having Afro hair which is growing up and not falling to my back and also, I pray to God to give me a hair which is soft, thick, healthy and flowing.
    I am tied of wearing all sort of extentions and wigs. Also I once was laugh at for wearing extensions, which has made me to pray for my own long her even more. Please join and help me in prayer in Jesus name. Thank you in advanced.
    Regards Amanda

  87. Evelyn

    Theresa I read your testimony and I was touched by your words and I truly believe in the dear Lord and Jesus. Please pray for my boyfriend Michael who’s hair loss is really affecting his self-esteem as is my brothers also. Please restore their hair so they can live a happy life. They are not vain but the hair loss really affects them and makes them really down. Thank you so much dear Lord and Jesus and thank you Theresa. God bless.

    • Michelle

      Lord Jesus, I pray that you restore ever hair on Michael’s head. You freely gave your life for his salvation, how much more will You freely give because you loved Michael so much that you died for him to be saved.
      Thank you Jesus. Amen

        • Jen

          I echo the prayers above on behalf of my significant other J.R.H… He is already overcoming harmful generational lifestyle patterns that run in his family, in the area of health and fitness. Praise God! I pray that would continue, and that he would also enjoy a full scalp of healthy hair into old age to boot regardless of genetic predisposition.

          Most importantly that he walk confidently in his calling in Christ. In Jesus’ name!

    • Jesus, I lift Michael up to you, and pray in agreement for his complete healing, and the restoration of his joy and self-esteem. Encounter him, Lord Jesus, in your deep love; and bless him with your healing presence.

  88. Michelle

    Hi Theresa. I Googled the prayer for hair restoration and say your article. Wow what a blessing it was to read your story. My hair has been gradually thinning since my late 30ths, but this past summer, while I was taking Physiology, my hair started dropping like crazy. I tried all natural stuff like Amla oil, coconut oil, and a couple of stinky concoctions that my husband says reek. In November of this past year I was taking a statistics class that just about drove me crazy, and one evening, after I washed my hair, I noticed that the front of my hair was gone! Oh my God I screamed, when did this happen? I was devastated! I don’t have a full time job right now so money is scarce, but when I do have money I buy all these scalp oils, and hair treatments and nothing is working, did I mention that I had a total hysterectomy 5 years ago, so I am very depressed about this and I’ve been praying and praying. I hate wigs, yet I have to wear them when I leave the house. I believe in prayer, and I’ve had several miracles in my life that could have only been from Jesus. My question is did you pray for your hair, or was that just because an added blessing from our heavenly Father?
    Thank you Theresa, and have a blessed day.

    • Michelle,

      This miracle came through direct prayer. It was actually another woman who prayed with me, as I prayed in agreement. I had prayed and been prayed for in the past, but for whatever reason this was the moment my healing began to manifest.

      I pray with you for the fullness of your healing–that every part which has not been functioning in wholeness would come into alignment with His Spirit within you. May your hair return and stay put, and every other physical disfunction or cause be conquered and renewed by the blood of Jesus. I also pray for the Holy Spirit to wrap you in His love and joy.

  89. Kevin George

    Hi my name is kevin.i lossing so many hairs every day.it started at the age of 19.please pray for me to stop hair loss and to regrow.please

    • Jesus, I thank you for Kevin, and ask that you would heal and restore his head to fullness in your mighty Name. I pray that what has been lost would be returned, and that your healing would preserve and protect him in wholeness and health.

  90. Luiza Menezes

    Please pray for my scalp healing of itchiness due to severe dryness due to which I have lost 80% of my hair. I am a beautiful woman but the loss of hair makes me depressed, I ask for your prayers for healthy scalp and restoration of the hair lost. Please also pray the same for my mother Bonifas Menezes. God Bless

    • Jesus, please restore Luiza’s hair, and Bonifas’ hair, and bring complete healing to every place that is needed. I also ask that your Spirit would touch Luiza, and revive her spirit to your joy and peace.

  91. Megersa

    Hi Theresa ,Thanks for Lord our GOD who gives you for us my name is Megersa from Ethiopia.,
    I would like ask you pray God heal my suffering from severe hair loss.
    since 2016 my hair loose daily and my head become bald
    really iam very sad when i am thinking about it additionally other my body,leggs and my hands are covered by hair wich makes shapeless.
    this makes me hopeless and i am far from lord my God and falled to other sin.
    please would you pray for me to the Lord of Mercy to restore My hair with good appearance and make good my shape.

    additonally help me through your pray God makes me his prophet with great power who serve him.

    Thank you !
    God bless you for ever.

    Megersa Bayisa

  92. David

    Please pray with me too. I started losing my hair about 5 years ago and now I am almost going bald. I have really lost my self confidence. I have tried all kinds of treatment but they have been to no avail. I believe in the power of God and I have faith that God can heal me. Please pray with me.

  93. rashid

    This issue of baldnes realy gives stress am a victim i started hair loss when i was 20 now am 23 since then my life has has been painful,i look older than my age,rarely i go in public places friends calls me names,mocking me of having a phd meaning Permanet Hair Damage but i bealive our Lord Jesus Christ heals pray for me too am too young to bear this,i bealive i shall testify one day..God bless

  94. Abishek Kumar

    In the name of almighty..Please do pray for my hair.restoration.I started to lose my hair in front and back part of my head.I feel very low and avoid to go out as before.Please pray to the almighty for thick and dense hair and good overall health .I will be in debt to you if the miracle happens.Please do.help me..God BLESS..

  95. Mdgefsa

    I know it is possible in God dear Theressa would you pray for me to GOD restore my baldness ?
    God bless you.

  96. Megersa

    Dear ,God bless you for ever .
    Only God can do what man can nof do pleace
    Theressa would you help me to pray God heal my baldness?
    Thank you.

  97. Sairam

    My 20-year-old daughter started losing hair and now its become very thin with scalp seen and i am worried of it a lot. She had soft, straight silky hair as a child and with puberty, gradually her hair is falling off and now its very pathetic. i request you all to please pray to the extent that she gets her hair back in few weeks. We sing Sarva Dharma Bhajans…i.e., all religions included in our bhajans…Allah, Esu, Buddha, Sikh, Zorasthra, etc. I cry in front of mirror thinking of my daughter’s plight. Please pray for her..

  98. Staci

    Please pray for me. I am a 39 year old wife and mother that has been struggling with hair loss for almost 6 years. It has thinned out so much and I am really struggling emotionally and spiritually. I pray and plead with God to heal me but so far nothing. I feel in such a dark place and I can’t seem to hear Him at all in this. I’ve been told by one doctor that they think it’s genetic which is very discouraging. I hate that this has stolen my joy. I just want my hair to be healthy. Thanks. Very happy for your praise report.

  99. Alexis

    I am 14 years old and I have two smooth bald spots from pulling out braids some years ago. I have had them ever since. The one on the right side seems to be growing. Please pray for me. Your story is inspiring and reminds me that God can heal anyone.

  100. Nick

    Hi everyone. I’m well below the average age for hair loss to occur. The aniexty and stress is crippling. I ask that anyone pray for me, for it’s restoration and full recovery. My hair used to be so thick and lively, and now people comment on how thin it’s gotten. I’ve prayed to God and have asked numerous times, but no luck. Please help me. Thank you!

  101. Burnetta Jarman

    Please pray for me I have chronic TE and female pattern hair loss. My hair has been falling out for about 16 months. I have been very depressed. I also have hide cortisol level. Which is a stress hormone. Please pray for me!

  102. Pauline

    Hello Theresa. Please for me. My legs are very thin with slot of marks. Looks like they grow thicker as I age. Im in my thirties. I need a miracle. I cant wear dresses and skirts, unless I wear long ones. God bless you

  103. Rashmi

    Hi Theresa,
    I am worried about my hair loss and baldness.i am loosing my self confidence and I am worrying. Most of the time I m thinking about my hair only and sometimes I m not able to sleep also.i have done every treatment but still I m not seeing any results. day by day my scalp is visible more.please pray for me to get my hair back as well ass new hair regrowth on baldness area.please help me.

  104. I have been loosing som hair. I know it was a medication I was on. And now I’ m praying that this new medications will help me. I ask prayer for restoration of my hair. When people look at me their eyes are fixed on the crown of my head. It makes me so uncomfortable.I’ve even been told that I should wear a wig or wear extensions. I don’t want to do that cause my faith is so strong that I truly believe that God is going to heal me. I know this causes alot of stress on alot of us that lose hair.One advice I can give is to love yourselves and know thatwe are created in God’s image and likeness and I know deep down in my heart that God can give us all a miracle. I’ve had many miracles in my life. Thank you for praying for me and all those that suffer from this condition. God Bless you

  105. Ajith Kumar Kulal

    Hello Theressa,
    I am Ajith and i have a hair fall problem too, i am 24 years old and whenever i meet any of my friends or relatives they just talk about my hair, it feels embarassing sometime and i dont like meeting people who concentrate on my hair and make fun of me. So i kindly request you to pray for me to get me out of this trouble. I think you are the last hope for me, because i have already tried some medications and its not working now. so please help me in this one.

    Thank you.

  106. Ashok Kumar

    Please pray for me I am just 20years old male. I have baldness because of this baldness I look like 30year old man……. So please pray for me……… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  107. Gd

    Hello madam, I had a good lots of healthy hair, But my barber cut my hair roughly now day I have too bad hair. My was my pride. Now days my so dirty look. Some times I wish I m gone a die bcoz it’s not my hair not at all. Y Jesus never saved me. Pls madam prayer for me.

  108. Sravya

    Hi I’m sravya
    Plzz anyone pray for my hair growth I’m feeling so alone all my friends are laughing at me I can’t bare this pain plzz I beg u guys pray for me plzz anyone tell to jesus to help he is not listening my prayers bt I still won’t lose my hope I knw everything is possible to god right i love my god he will definitely helps me
    Praise the lord

    • Caroline

      Sravya in the name of Jesus, I command your hair to grow out and I stop the hair loss in the matchless name of Jesus!!! Thank you God because the Bible says that we were healed by the stripes of Jesus and we receive healing for Hair loss right now and right here. Amen

  109. Aashish

    Hii I’m Aashish
    Plzzzz plzzzz pray fr me cause I am losing my hair n my hair is getting thinner n started getting a large number of White hair. 6 years back I hd nice black n thick hair but lack of care to my hair I started losing them example I started pulling the to check if they are falling or nth cause of that this made my hair more weak n thin n ws using all cheap products on my hair. I jst want my old hair back n old me back I have lost all my self confidence my heart is broken. I can’t make friends n I don’t look good as well cause of lack of hair I jst need a powerful prayer. on Monday 4th of September 2017 my Collge will be starting I jst want 2 go in confidence I jst need my old hair n my old me back I knw there’s only one day remaining but I believe if Jesus as chosen me as his people then he also knws hw take care of my hair problems n heal them n get my old hair back please do pray fr me I have recently turn 18 n I am suffering from this hair problem for the last 6 years I am tired n broken I need my old hair back please do pray fr me. Jesus please help me please I need u. please do pray fr me

  110. Sithra

    Hi…there pls pray for me as well…i got terrible hair lost problem very thinning hair my scalp can seen …i has been tried my ways to safe my hair..but its failure…even my husband, my sister in law and my mother in law they got a very thick black hai….they dressed up and go out very confidently…but i…😔pls pray for me….with god all things are possible….i believe that…pls prayfor me….pls😢

  111. Saivikas

    I am having a low density hair very close to baldness please pray for me and sure i will help the need for the blessings of god for me and my hair

  112. David

    Please pray that God may heal my baldness as well. I’m only 19 and have found my hairline receding quite rapidly 🙁 . It’s really affecting my self esteem and my relationship with God.

  113. Chanjey

    Hi there,

    I started loosing hair in my early twenties and although i have been fortunate enough to have hair for my twenties (I am 30 now) my hair seems to be getting a bit worse every year. This has been affecting my daily life and have been starting to loose sleep over it. I have been trying various treatments and just started one recently. Can you please pray for me that Jesus can help me? Thank you

  114. Madam
    I am suffering from severe hairloss and due to this problem I am suffering from stress and depression and not able to concentrate in anything.. I don’t know how to express. My hair is becoming very very thin.. I feel ashamed and not able to mingle with anybody..Please pray for me for the regrowth of my hair. I am very much thankful to you if I get back my hair. I want thick and long hair..Please…………………………………………………………………………………………………..Pray for me mam. I am always thinking about my hair only..I am not able divert my thinking..Please pray for me..

  115. Anne Warren

    Hi please pray for my hair to be restored to its former glory through Christ our lord I have been suffering with hair loss for 2 years my heart is broken please pray for me.

  116. joel titung

    my name is joel titung and i am also having same prblm since 2 yrs my hair is falling soo much daily even now . i dnt know what to do .how much i use the product it wont stop falling ..plz pray for my hair ..

  117. Jerry

    Would also like prayer for this problem of hair loss – I’ve invested so much time in figuring out how to stop this problem, but the problem persists. I’ve received some revelation that there is a spirit of baldness just like poverty, fear, shame. Please pray for me so that this problem is reversed and that I would keep God first in all things. Amen.

  118. Emmanuel

    My self esteem has been down for many years and I need Not only pray for my hair for my life too I need God. So many times I’ve failed and I want restauration for my life and hair.

    • Ask with all your heart and he will answer and save you. He will give you a new cleansed heart, new thoughts, and peace beyond understanding. Jesus will give you joy. You also will have a mediator between you and The Heavenly Father. If you’re one of His (ask the Father in Jesus name believing you’ll receive your request , and it will be given to you). To be His we have to surrender everything thing we are and do over to Him.

  119. Myrna

    I have been praying for years and still my hair is falling out. I believe God can restore my hair and I ask for you to please pray for me too.

  120. Archana

    I am suffering from severe hair loss and now my scalp also is visible,i am feeling very low because of this, please pray in the name of Jesus for my hair regrowth and for beautiful thick hair
    and I know Jesus will recover me from this soon.

  121. Eubi

    Will you pray for me that my whole hair became grey and i lost a major part of my hair. I want thick black hair in Jesus’ name . I am praying for my husband also for the same reason. Please pray for me and my husband

  122. Eliseus


    Hi Theresa may u please pray for me for hair restoration I read yo testimony I want another crop of hair I have suffered hair loss for 3 or soo yrs and its soo stressful but I absolutely believe your testimony and I believe in this God of paradox. I believe that all things are possible.

  123. Hopeful

    I am suffering from hairloss since 12 years 🙁 my hair is so thin that I can’t even tie it up anymore. Please pray for me. I have lost my self confidence. I don’t know if this is crazy but I don’t want to give up hope of it growing back and being thick again. So I really need all the prayers I can get. please help !

  124. Maggie

    Please stand with me in prayer i have had receding hairline for the last 5 years i have tried all sorts of concoctions in vain.

    Its only God who can grow my hairline back and restore life in my hair.



  125. Iniya

    Hi Theresa,
    I have male pattern baldness due to pcod. So I lost maximum of hair and I have facial hairs too. People mock me, you look like a man. I feel like dying each moment. I have been praying for it for yrs. I couldn’t have faith that my genetic problem will change. Please pray with me. So that I may live with no shame. Please

  126. Alex

    My Name Is Alex Nad I am Suffering from Hair loss… And I am just 21…Lord Help me to regain My hair… Please Teresa Pray for me… ❤️

  127. Manu

    Hi Theresa,

    I m surprised and out of words regarding the healing and regrowth of hair incident of yours!!! God is great!!!

    My name is Manu I am suffering from severe hair loss and baldness now my scalp also is visible and also big forehead because of which I lose my confidence and so depressed everytime. Please pray that I get my hair grown back, in Jesus Christ name

    Thank you

  128. Jamie

    I came across your prayer requests about losing hair and I have male pattern baldness due to stress etc. I have issues with it because people think it’s amusing to make comments to me and make fun about it as if I asked to lose my hair and it’s so hurtful and causes my confidence and lack of self esteem to grow please pray that my hair will grow back with immediate results. Thank you for your prayers I will pray for you as well God bless

  129. Timothy

    I’ve noticed that my hair has been receeding for the last 2 years. Honestly I hate it. Please join with me in prayer believing that my heavenly will restore my hair and heal my body. Jesus said in Luke that, no hair on my head will perish. He loves me, and I know it. I know that it is small in comparison to cancer or some other deathly illness. But the attack on my confidence and self esteem, is just like cancer eating away on me. Please pray for me. I love you all and keep up the good work.

  130. Sribalaji

    Hi theresa ,
    i desperately need a miracle .
    Please pray for me too. I wish could grow my hair back. I am losing my interest to face the world . Please tell god he can help me.

  131. Dear Madam,
    I am 21 years old I suffering hair loss problem by 3 years still now my hair too thinning. I took so many treatment but no used, I believe lord Jesus. So please help me, prayer for me for cure my hair loss and reverse of my hair.
    Thanking you.

  132. Dear Madam,
    I am 21 years old I suffering hair loss problem by 3 years still now my hair too thinning I took so many many treatment but no used I believe lord Jesus. So please help me pray for me to reduce my hair loss and reverse of my hair.
    Thanking you.

  133. daniela

    Hi Theresa it is very uplifting to hear your wonderful story. I am a 25 year old female and I suffer from both androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata. I have lost half of my eye brow and have had bald patches on my head. Its very difficult to get through everyday without noticing how thin and dull my hair has become. It breaks me down everyday and theres not one second I dont think about it. Please pray for me. Thank you!

  134. Kritika

    Hi Terasa first of all thank you for all your divine works , you’re an angel sent on earth to deliver the love and healings of our almighty God . Terasa it has been 3 years since i’m suffering from hairfall problem . Contineous falling of hairs have broken me completely . My confidence is shattered . I believe in the plans that God has instore for me , knowing that only good will come out of this situation but i need some healings to keep myself up good spirits please pray for me . Thank you

  135. Sai

    Hi Theresa Mam,

    This is Sai here:) With beloved respect, I just wanted to thank You for sharing the miracle of God with everyone as that is really giving us the hope to retain all the things which we have lost ! Thanks a Ton for sharing Mam.

    It’s been almost 7 years that I have lost my hairs and still loosing my hairs and not growing back at all, despite being under several conditions of treatment!! I have a huge hope in God as I know very well that he has a Best Most Solution for me in store which he will definitely give it to me in his own wonderful timings’ ! 🙂

    Please Pray for me to get more strength to bare all of my pain and to get healed with my hair loss problems in the name of God mam 🙂

    With huge respect, May god bless us all (after all we are all the children of God himself ) 🙂

    Thank you Mam 🙂

  136. Debby

    Dear Theresa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your testimony how God healed your hair loss! I wonder if you would agree with me in prayer that God will heal the scarring alopecia I was told I have through a biopsy of a dermatologist. Scarring alopecia means that the hair follicles are dead. I know that nothing is impossible with God and that He has even raised the dead. This is the miracle I need from God to have hair again- to have these hair follicles come back to life. I can’t believe it is His will to be bald for the rest of my life here on earth. Thank you!

  137. Arpit

    Hi Theresa
    Thanks for sharing your testimony. My name is Arpit. I am from India. My hairline has receded a lot and I’m going bald. I have no confidence. I’m praying to God daily to restore my hair. But I’m seriously depressed. I’m just 19. Can you please pray for me to restore my hairline? I Know nothing is impossible for him. I started losing my hairline when I was diagnosed with typhoid and jaundice about 3 years ago. But it stopped then. But again the past year i was going through a lot of stress and my hairline receded drastically. I would be more than greatful to you if your prayer would restore my hairline. Please help me!😔

  138. Arpit

    Hi Theresa
    Thanks for sharing your testimony. Very pleased to know how jesus healed you. So, my name is Arpit. I’m from India. My hairline has receded a lot and I’m going bald. I don’t have any confidence and I’m seriously depressed. I don’t know if it’s stress or anything else for which my hairline has receded. But I would be more than greatful to you if your prayer could restore my hair. I’m praying daily myself. Please pray for me Theresa😔 I know nothing is impossible for God.

  139. Portia

    Hi…cn you pls pray for me…I have a big patch on the middle of.my head and the hairline is also bad. Beginning of 2019 I cut my hair bald expecting it to grow fully but to my surprise I still hv the patch and bad hairline….I am tired of wearing wigs and scarves😔

  140. Angela Davis

    Hi Theresa. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. It blessed me by giving me the strength to continue believing and standing for the manifestation of my hair restoration miracle. I was hoping to read testimonies from those you prayed for in years past but I didn’t see any. Has anyone you prayed for responded back to you regarding their manifestation? I love reading and hearing about God’s miracle working power when it comes to healing.

  141. Lori

    Please pray for me as I too am suffering with hair loss that has led to debilitating depression and the loss of interest in life and faith.

    • Angela Davis

      Hi Lori. In order for us to receive anything from God, we must be in faith and not fear. The following scriptures have helped me position myself to believe God for my hair restoration: Jeremiah 32:27; Hebrews 11:6; and Romans’ 8:11, 25. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to be free from fear, doubt and unbelief.

  142. Kapil Arora

    Hi Theresa,
    My name Is kapil and I am from india. I am suffering from alopecia since 7 years now. Problem is I can’t concentrate on other things because this thing keeps on running on my mind. There is cure for alopecia medically but I believe god can heal me. He can give me back my hair which I used to have. The thickness will be back the bald patches will be removed. Please pray for me from jesus, please! I really need it and he loves me and I love him the most.
    Please Pray for me
    Thank you mam😇Peace

  143. Thabang

    Good morning to everyone in here, Good morning to your health , good morning to all things you touch in the name of Jesus it shall all be restored.

    I am a confident young lady I’m 30 and been losing hair for 3years and in the frontal part of my hair …edges are gone and I am bald in an alice band shape. As the word, that I believe says.. I am healed by his wounds. I believe in my heart I am a testimony and God is trusting in me to not give up on prayer and I am not.

    Pray that God heal my scalp as it is hurting so much which theres nothing that they see that could course the pain and doctor diagnosed me with Alopecia areata, scarring Alopecia and now Lichen planopilaris and no medical doctor knows why …
    All I ask is prayers that I do not give up in my road to recovery and God is healing me and I should keep on praying for restoration, retention and regrowth… I am a prayerful woman and let me have wisdom not to give up Pray for my healing all the way from South Africa

    Lord be with you all in Jesus mighty name Amen

  144. Akanksha

    Hi Theresa
    I am suffering from hairloss since past two years. My hair is thinning. I dont know what to do. It is so much depressing that i cant even focus on my studies. M 19 years old n currently pursuing my 1st year of graduation. I tried everything.. I cant explain you. Even now while m typing, tears are running out of my eyes. Please help me. Please pray for me. I’ll be always grateful to you. I believe in prayers. But maybe he is not listening to me. But he will listen to you.. please pray for me.

  145. Opeoluwa

    Hi I’m Esther. My edges are going bald, I had tried so many cream and it’s not growing. Please I need God’s intervention now, please pray for me.

  146. Vicki

    Readings Teresa I love the title of your ministry! I so believe in Jesus to heal, he’s healed me before, but have been praying for a long time for my hair thinning on my crown. I have done everything imaginable short of Prayer prayer prayer! I quoted the Corinthians scripture about our hair being his crown and Glory upon us. Just like all of the other post it kind of gets you emotionally When You Believe and you’re not seeing manifestation. If you respond I will take it as a sign that the Lord has code my whisper and cares! God bless you for your amazing Ministry

  147. Kelvin

    Hi Theresa
    My name is Kelvin and I’m from Ghana. For the past 3 years now, I have lost most of my hair and it has affected my self esteem. The problem is I can’t concentrate on other things. I strongly believe in God and I know without a shadow of doubt that he can heal me. Kindly join me pray for a total restoration. God richly bless you as you do so.

  148. Uzor Joseph Chukwubuikem

    Please pray for me, am having serious hair loss recently and losing my hairline and it’s really reducing my confidence… Please pray for me to regain my hair… God bless you

  149. My son josh having severe hair loss and suffering of baldness.please pray for regrowth of thick hair again .i will give a testimony.

  150. Latania

    Please I am asking someone to pray for me Satan has let me to cut my hair because of depression and now I feel so much depressed than ever because my bf always says I should always get my hair done in braids using fake hair because he says I doesn’t look good with braids please I am asking someone to pray for me to grow back the length of hair I had before I cut it it was so long before and it taking I while to go back and I did shave my hair off just cut it short remember me Lord Jesus

  151. Shaune Sterling

    Glad to hear that God has healed your hair. This is encouraging as I am also believing that God will heal my hair as well.

  152. Sharon

    Hi Theresa I have been losing my hair for about ten years. I went to a trichologist and she recommended using a chemical called minoxidil, I have tried so many shampoos and treatments and it has just gotten worse and receded so much its upsetting. Also I have had prayer for feet problems and other health issues and to meet a good Godly man to get married and to get work and a home. I’ve had some results but none for feet, hair or a man! I would’ve to be a good wife and mother. Would you mind praying for me please especially for my hair to grow back. God bless you.

  153. William

    Theresa please pray for me, I am losing my hair from front line and this forces me to wear Marvin anywhere I go, people in my area are wondering why am also in marvin and I feel much depressed and am afraid to exposed my balding hair, Theresa please pray for me, I believe my hair will be restored back in Jesus name Amen🙏.

  154. Joshua N

    Hi Am Joshua. N,Kindly pray for me,am loosing my hair guess due to stress,that God may heal me in Jesus name.

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